Funk to very funky

I was in such a baaaaaaaad mood when DD arrived at my place on Saturday afternoon. I think it was a combination of exhaustion from my Australian drinks Awards marathon and a little too much alone time with my over-thoughts.

After listening to me rant for 10 minutes while viciously dissecting a bunch of celery that wouldn’t fit in my veggie crisper, DD insisted we go for a soothing drive in his car.

He took me to the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and we criss crossed the water on ferries until that funk was gone.

It’s impossible to stay grumpy when you’re gliding across Sydney Harbour watching the sun set over the Bridge.

After night fell, we dashed back to my place to get changed for another sort of funk(y) – DD’s friend Sakura was having her 40th birthday at a place called Grasshopper Bar in the city.

The party had a ’70s theme, so I cracked out my vintage frock and shoehorned myself into it with the assistance of control-topped beige stockings (they were a ’70s thing, right).

Everyone was wearing the most amazing costumes. One couple even turned up as Princess Leia and Han Solo. I didn’t recognise Sakura’s husband Cliff when I walked into the bar, he looked incredible as a late 70s punk.

The birthday girl, meanwhile, was so fabulous she changed costumes halfway through the party. She started out as Elvis and finished up in a skintight gold number.

There was delicious food and cocktails and Taittinger champagne and lots of dancing to cool ’70s music.

We tumbled out into the night quite sozzled … and woke up a little worse for wear. But I NEVER miss a gym session if I can help it, so I steeled myself and headed off at 7.30am, leaving DD to snore. Then I surprised him with a double-shot flat white, bacon and egg roll and Sunday paper in bed. I am SUCH a good girlfriend.

To shake off our hangovers, we decided to take the Palm Beach to Patonga ferry for a test-drive.

Oh wow, it was the most stunning trip. DD lives in a very beautiful part of the world.

We went to Patonga Pub for a couple of hair-of-the-dog ciders and some oysters kilpatrick, then had a stroll around town, took a few selfies with the local pelicans, lazed on the beach in the afternoon sun, then grabbed a couple of piccolos at the cafe before catching the ferry back.

Sensational weekend – aside from my snarky Saturday arvo and DD’s Sunday fuzzy head – how was yours?

Here are some happy snaps:


Song of the day: Bee Gees “Stayin Alive”


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  1. Nothing like a Sydney ferry ride to wash you out of a funk. Love those photos. I have a bird phobia, ( have been known to throw myself heavily onto the concrete to avoid the bastards), but your pic of the pelicans make ’em look almost friendly.

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