Be grateful there aren’t photos

There are many ways I’d rather start my day than removing a dead blue tongue lizard – rigid with rigor mortis with its intestines hanging out – from beneath the trampoline in my backyard.

Many, many ways.

That was my yesterday … just be thankful I haven’t included a photo.

People seem to share shots of just about everything on social media these days.

One of my friends has been giving daily Facebook updates of her horse’s recovery from having its side ripped open and glued back together.

She illustrates each one with really close up, graphic photos.

I’m a bit squeamish, so it’s freaking me out. Facebook thinks it’s really funny to keep putting the photo at the top of my feed, so every time I open the app on my phone, there’s an open wound on my screen.

I had to hide it in the end, which I never normally do. I’m pretty live and let live with my Facebook feed.

Anyways, I thought if I clicked on the “hide posts like this” button Facebook would neatly avoid showing me more, but nope, it still serves me before and after wound updates every day.

I’m thinking the recovery process must be very interesting for other horse owners. My friend lives in the country, they’re made of sterner stuff there.

As I don’t have any blue tongue owners as Facebook friends, I’ve decided to give selfies of my dead one’s intestines a miss … and hope my wheelie bin doesn’t smell too much by Sunday.

OK, that’s enough about dead and injured animals.

On with the show …

Things got a bit frantic towards the pointy end of yesterday, as I had to get the youngest to Sydney Town Hall by 6pm so she could appear in a 90-minute “Primary Proms Kakadu” performance for five minutes.

Getting from my work to my home to Sydney Town Hall in peak hour traffic was a curly one, but we made it with oodles of time to spare.

As I stood on the steps of the building admiring its clock tower against the magnificent post-sunset sky, I realised that’s as far as I’ve ever gone – I’ve never actually been inside.

How on earth do you live in Sydney for more than half your life and not enter the Town Hall?

It was quaint and lovely inside and the concert was very nice and the ex and I got to mull the National Skipping Championships results together between acts. (His new perspectives as a judge are quite fascinating, he reckons the youngest is landing a little wonkily during her individual freestyle and could be a medal chance if she sorts it out.)

Then the youngest and I hauled our tired bodies home to prepare for the last day of school, which involves me heading to the local IGA at 8am this morning to gather ingredients for some pancake thingy her class is making – there’s been no time for such excursions this week, it’s been MAD.

After that, the school holidays begin – nine days with just me and the doggies drifting around the silent house.

As a send off, the youngest and I are heading to the beach tomorrow on what is predicted to be a 30C+ day to test out our new wetsuits. Afterwards, there’s a Worlds skipping meeting, then we’ll grab some pizza to eat while we watch a DVD. Can’t wait!

Are your kids at school? Got any plans for the hols?

Here are a couple of pics from last night:


Song of the day: Darryl Braithwaite “The Horses”



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