Trailer trash

One of my Xmas gifts from Husband was an Apple TV thingy. It was actually a present for him, with a gift tag attached to it saying it was for me. Husband has been having great fun with my Xmas present. And I have to admit it’s growing on me too. My favourite thing it does is show movie trailers. Heaps and heaps of movie trailers. (There’s even one called Zombie Hamlet, which Sprog 1 is very keen to see, but namby-pamby responsible parent Husband keeps saying no.) I love movie trailers. I must arrive at the cinema VERY early so I don’t miss any of the previews (also because I am a panic-pants control freak). I reckon I’d pay $17 just to watch 130 minutes of movie previews at the cinema. Most of the time they’re better than the movie you’re there to see. Most of the time they’re better than the movie they’re promoting. And sometimes they totally ruin the movie for you by revealing all the best bits. Many, many years ago I went to a media screening of Four Weddings And A Funeral before the previews had started showing. I had no idea what to expect and I laughed until I cried. I was so blindsided by the unexpected novelty of it. So I can see that perhaps there are downsides to my spoiler addiction … Anyway, that’s a long-winded way of saying I saw the preview for The Great Gatsby yesterday afternoon. It was AMAZING. I have already suggested/insisted to Husband that we book a babysitter for opening night, and it’s not showing until December. When Baz Lurhmann’s on his game – which is 99% of the time – he’s mind-blowingly good. Moulin Rouge remains one of the most awesome movie experiences I’ve ever had in a cinema (aside from Orlando). The way Baz mixes music with the most fabulous sets you’ve ever seen … it’s sublime. Baz’s movies remind you that going to the cinema can still be special. He transports you to a world of fantasy. He’s the reason I want to write movie scripts. I want to move audiences the way he moves me. I met Baz many, many years ago, when I interviewed him for Studio magazine (shortly before my first retrenchment). It was pre-Strictly Ballroom, back when he was blowing opera audiences away with his reinvention of La Boheme. I remember drinking tea with Baz and being awed by his enthusiasm, his vision, his determination. He was only six years older than me, but we were worlds apart. I was a shy, scared little thing; he thought anything was possible if your dreams were big enough. Twenty years later, I’m still scared. My dreams are big, but my determination could do with a little work. So I’m making a mid-year resolution to do something about that. Writing a book, a script, opening a bar or a shop … whatever it is, I need to do more than just dream. I’m going to make something happen. Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Trailer trash

  1. Four Weddings and a Funeral – one of my all time favourites. Good luck with stopping the dreaming and starting the doing … always one of my downfalls … oh the things I do in my head … it’s just the day-to-day implementation I fall down on.

  2. ” It was actually a present for him, with a gift tag attached to it saying it was for me.” LOL LOL. LOL.
    I’m a big fan of B1 too. His version of LaBoheme at the Sydney Opera House was the first opera I ever saw and it totally blew me away, have loved all of his films after that too. Cannot wait for Gatsby!

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