African-spiced cauliflower soup

Farmer’s Direct sent me this ginormous head of cauliflower on Thursday. Fortunately no weird stuff like beetroot or dill. The cauliflower was taking up half a shelf in the fridge, so I chopped it into chunks, added some chicken stock and spices and made soup for lunch today. Yum. AFRICAN-SPICED CAULIFLOWER SOUP Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive […]

The aioli incident

Sprog 1’s long-daycare buddy is coming to lunch tomorrow with her family. It’s so lovely that we’ve stayed in touch. I’m preparing a Spanish barbie to celebrate: Manchego cheese, chorizo and olives for starters; marinated steak, garlicky potato salad and greens for main; mandarin cake for dessert (recipes to follow over the coming days). Yesterday I thought I’d do some prep. I […]

Expat tales: watery grave

  The memory of Sydney being scorched by drought seems almost surreal these days. When we moved to New York in 2008, Sydney was dry as a bone. The Sprogs had never know the childhood pleasure of hi-jinks with a garden hose. Now Sydney’s seems permanently soggy and I sometimes wonder if the rain will ever stop. (Though we’ve had […]

If that’s smooth, I want it rough

It’s my shameful secret but I’m so cross about losing my beloved radio station that I’ve decided to come out of the closet. And I’m shouting: WHAT THE FARK HAVE YOU DONE TO 95.3FM, YOU FARKING TOOLS? OFF WITH YOUR HEADS! Husband is sick of me ranting to him about it, so he suggested I ear-bash you instead. He was never a […]

Recipe: Turkey, lime and ginger noodles

I love, love, love noodles. One of my all-time favourite dishes is char kway teow, it’s orgasmically good. As Singaporeans would say, it’s “die die must try”. When Husband and I lived in Singapore we’d go on weekend expeditions in search of the island’s best char kway teow. Oh how I miss Singaporean food. Go there […]

How to self-destruct in 28 days – a user’s manual

It’s been almost a year since House went home. I’ve been wondering – yet again – what to do with the rest of my life. And I’ve decided what I really want to do is write. Which is fortunate since I spend so much time blogging. But, while blogging has been bliss, it’s not financially rewarding. So I’m thinking I might write a book (no […]

I am a cliche

The transformation is complete. I am a cliche. Not just any cliche. A North Shore housewife cliche. The revelation came yesterday when Husband asked me to do a chore for him. I said I was far too busy. As I outlined why I was far too busy, my voice faltered slightly. Because while my transformation is […]

The elephant in the room (plus the one in my pants)

Actually, it was more of an “anorexic in the pump class” situation – unfortunate choice of metaphor in the heading – and I was completely transfixed. Yesterday, just before my gym class, a huddle of mums formed to express (whispered) concern about the possibly pregnant, possibly anorexic woman in attendance. I suggested she might just have one of those starving Biafran-style bellies, […]