Time has officially flown

The youngest turned 15 yesterday. Blimey! How did that happen?

She’s her mother’s daughter – she had a miserable start to her birthday too. The dreadful weather meant she was very late to a 9am maths test and was only given 10 minutes to do it even though she’d studied and knew all the answers.

After much complaining to various departments she’s been allowed to sit it again today. I also got a text message from the school demanding to know ASAP why my daughter was 30 minutes late. I know it’s automated, but FFS, she was late because there was a natural disaster unfolding in NSW. Der!

She came over for dinner last night with her dad – as she’s usually at his place on Sundays and Mondays – after skipping training. She was also unhappy because the head coach won’t let her train at the moment due to her sore ankle. She’s freaking out because it’s only just over a month until the state championships.

I was instructed to make spag bol for dinner and I took it upon myself to make a sugar-free birthday cake. The youngest has been sugar-free for two years – she won’t eat sucrose or dextrose or any of those traditional sorts of sweeteners. Date syrup and coconut sugar are OK though. I know, I know, teenage eating habits make absolutely no sense.

When I texted and said I was plotting a sweet surprise she replied “I’m scared”. But she quite liked the finished result. Well, she liked the cake part – despite it being barely a step up from slightly sweet bread. I’ve belatedly discovered that coconut sugar isn’t as strongly flavoured as the normal thing – but she hated my attempt at cream cheese icing flavoured with date syrup.

I also got my ex to be a hand model for my new obsession – Instagram stories for Drinks Digest – but he wouldn’t let me put his face on social media.


I remain very grateful that we can sit around a dinner table and celebrate family moments with each other.

I am also very grateful that I am finally starting to feel a bit better after my ear infection hullaballoo. Yesterday was the first morning in forever that I didn’t wake up feeling like I’d already run a marathon before I even got out of bed.

Oh, and I can’t let a chance go by to share how little and cuuuuuuuuuuuute my baby was before she grew up to be 5ft freaking 10 inches.


Song of the day: Salt n Pepa “Push it”

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