Can’t keep up

Hey there, I ran out of time to blog yesterday. It was quite the 24 hours, what with the Court of Appeal’s decision about the Kathleen Folbigg case and the youngest having her birthday teppanyaki dinner at the scruffiest Japanese restaurant in town, which she and her cousin James LOVE and insist on as their respective birthday destination every year.

Unfortunately, due to the demands of the final days of my current contracting job, coupled with my sub-par energy levels during my ear infection saga, I wasn’t able to give either event the attention I would have liked and there definitely wasn’t time to blather on the blog.

I wrote a quick article for the Justice for Kathleen Folbigg website, which you can read by clicking here. But this is what my friend Tracy had to say: “Today wasn’t our day to successfully take Judge Blanch to task in relation to the way he conducted the 2019 inquiry and his findings, but it has got many more people looking at this important case now than ever before, and many more people are starting to ask valuable questions about how we got here.

“Many international eyes are now on this case and certainly, many more Australian’s are rightly asking why Kath’s still in prison after 18 years when there’s mounting scientific evidence relating to her innocence.

“Today’s decision went against Kath, but it only strengthens our resolve to keep going until the truth is self evident. We will never give up.”

The 90 scientists who signed a petition calling for her to be pardoned are also pretty annoyed about it. I’ll be writing about that as soon as I get some sleep, which didn’t happen again last night.

This is the statement by ANU Professor Carola Vinuesa FAA FAHMS, who was an unpaid expert witness in hearings that took place during the 2019 inquiry into the convictions of Kathleen:“Today, the incorrect conclusions about the genetics evidence found by the Commissioner of the 2019 inquiry were adopted by the NSW Court of Appeal in their conclusion. The evidence set out in The Europace paper, which validates the findings of the mutation in Sarah and Laura Folbigg and were published after the 2019 inquiry displaces the findings and non-scientific reasoning at the Inquiry.

“As pointed out in our report to the 2019 Inquiry (which was endorsed by international calmodulin and cardiac genetics experts), the International Calmodulin Registry and peer-reviewed literature document that the Folbigg girls’ deaths were not outliers with regards to already known CALM-related sudden unexpected deaths. It is unfortunate that incorrect statements regarding these facts have once again been given such weight.”

As for teppanyaki …

I am blaming my deafness for my inability to catch ANYTHING at dinner. The chef gave up in the end and virtually plopped the bowl of fried rice in my hands so it didn’t go all over the floor.

DD stayed the night afterwards because he had a business trip to Adelaide yesterday. I was desperate to go with him, but my ex is in Western Australia on holidays and it seemed a bit wrong to have both parents out of state at the same time, plus who knows what effect air travel would have on my ear?

There wasn’t any cuddle time on the couch with DD after dinner because the youngest needed me to check a creative writing assignment for English about a soldier with PTSD and a history assignment about the Nagasaki bombing. Such cheery subject matter.

It was soooo late by the time I finished doing all that. And I was sooo far behind with stuff the next morning, so DD – bless him – dropped the youngest to the bus stop for me on his way to the airport. He also – love eyes – made my bed before he left.

Oh and I was really excited yesterday because I managed to get an ENT appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. Hooray!!!!! It will be such a blessed relief to get someone to have a look with proper equipment and hopefully help me hear again.

Have a good weekend and I will catch you Monday.

Song of the day: Kate Bush “The man with the child in his eyes” (“I hear him, before I go to sleep. And focus on the day that’s been. I realize he’s there, When I turn the light off and turn over” … except I couldn’t hear DD when he stayed over and had to keep turning over and saying WHAT? HUH? all the time.)

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