First mystery solved

I had just dropped off a wee sample to my doctor’s waiting room … hello and welcome to your morning installment of HouseGoesHome … when my phone rang. It was my doctor, who was coincidentally calling as I literally stood outside the window of his examination room. He had the results of my blood test. […]

Testing times

The search to discover why I’m dizzy took an unexpected turn on Friday. I got my ear swapped because my hearing is now so bad that I can’t even modulate my voice. I think I’m speaking really loudly, but my voice is actually barely audible. It’s driving me NUTS, but the doctor doesn’t want to […]

Drinks with Al: cheers to the mollydookers

A few years ago I sat next to a lovely bloke called Matthew Taylor at the Australian Drinks Awards. He was just finishing up at Yalumba and contemplating his next career move. He ended up joining a winery called Oakridge in Yarra Valley, which was bought by Woolworths this week. Well, a division of a […]

Off limits

Regular HouseGoeshome readers would have guessed that there are few topics I am reluctant to discuss. I had a very loud and animated conversation about menopause with my current colleagues earlier this week that may have terrified younger ears. It included me complaining that my boobs were hurting like Hades, which they haven’t done for […]

Too tacky

I was sooooo tempted to call this blog post “Well hung” … but I reluctantly decided it would be too tacky. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a tacky kind of girl/woman. I’m a gourmand rather than a gourmet. I prefer movies to theatre. And I get way too excited about Alec Baldwin revealing […]

Listen to them

Did you see that Sam Armytage quit her job on Sunrise yesterday morning? Your newsfeed would have been pretty overrun with the Megan and Harry interview hysteria. Sam said on air: “As many of you know, my personal life the last six months has been very bittersweet. Some bits have been very happy and some […]

Spontaneous joy

DD isn’t a big fan of planning, he’s more the spontaneous type, which is how we found ourselves at a music festival on Saturday. He’d driven down to help paint the outside of the house and we were busily rollering and masking taping, while his mobile phone played a soundtrack of Aussie music. A Pete […]

The year of WTF

My friend Sue tagged me on very timely inspirational quote yesterday. It said: “A strong woman never gives up. She might need an extra coffee, a good cry or a day in bed but she will always come back stronger.” I am a strong woman, so I will put my faith in that, wipe my […]

That’s inspirational

The readers at my current contracting gig love an inspirational quote, so I spend a lot of time searching around for ones that will tickle their fancy. I still haven’t managed to top this one, which went through the roof the week before I started: “It’s OK if you fall apart sometimes … tacos fall […]

That one’s a mystery

I only have myself to blame for the crazy that I’ve injected into my Tuesday nights. I agreed to let the youngest play in a netball competition on the Northern Beaches. We never know until the Tuesday morning what time the match will be. The first two Tuesdays were OK because they were early ones […]