First mystery solved

I had just dropped off a wee sample to my doctor’s waiting room … hello and welcome to your morning installment of HouseGoesHome … when my phone rang. It was my doctor, who was coincidentally calling as I literally stood outside the window of his examination room.

He had the results of my blood test. I have another ear infection. It’s a different one to the dreaded staph that I caught last year. And this one has really set in. The lab described it as having “heavy growth” – gross.

The doctor told me to come back inside and gave me a prescription for strong antibiotic drops to clear it up. He warned me not to knock the drops over because they were “very expensive”. He was right, they were almost expensive as a syringe of rat medication.

Nah, they were actually heaps cheaper. But I’m still being careful not to knock them over. I hope they start working soon because I am soooooooooooooo deaf.

It’s driving me totally insane. I loathe how the noises of the world are so muffled and distant. I hate that I can’t judge if I’m yelling or whispering.

I think I’ve had the ear infection for months, going on the symptoms Dr Google tells me it creates. I’m also wondering if some of my other issues, such as tiredness, dizziness and nausea will also clear up once the antibiotics kick in. And hopefully I’ll also stop misjudging distances and running into things … both with my body and my car … gutters, traffic islands … or maybe that’s just bad driving.

Fingers crossed. Oddly, my left ear seems to be getting worse before it gets better. I didn’t sleep well last night, post my second lot of drops, because it’s now really sore and aching. I had a mild panic in the middle of the night that the doctor had accidentally given me penicillin. But I’m anaphylactic to that, so I don’t think I’d still be with you. That didn’t help my insomnia.

Anyways, upon reflection, the MRI I had a few weeks ago was a very expensive waste of time – I should have demanded an ear swab straight up. Ah well, better to be safe than sorry. It’s also taught me that when I think something isn’t quite right, I should listen to myself. I have a habit of thinking I’m a hypochondriac who should just suck it up princess. But I knew the way my ears were feeling wasn’t normal.

Do you try and talk yourself out of needing to go to the doctor because you don’t want to make an unnecessary fuss and you’re worried it’s nothing and you’ll embarrass yourself?

Hopefully I can hear by tomorrow, as I have birthday plans.

As for why I keep getting ear infections, who the bloody hell knows? I feel like a child who needs grommets. Though DD recently told me what grommets are – I was blissfully unaware – and I am now officially horrified. Did you know they involve inserting tiny tubes into your eardrum? Ergh.

Anyways, I have two more samples to drop to the doctor on successive days, then my CT scan on Friday. As usual, I will keep you too much in the loop.

Song of the day: Simon & Garfunkel “Sound of silence”

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