So unadventurous

I’d just waved DD off in his Uber to the airport yesterday when the youngest texted to say she’d made it halfway to school and was too sick to continue … could I pick her up … like, now?

Teenagers are a little fuzzy on logistics  -she had no concept of how long it would take me to negotiate peak hour traffic and the Monday morning garbage trucks to get to her.

I was a teensy bit late for work by the time I completed my double trip.

It’s a bugger that the youngest is still unwell, considering she’s having a week off school from tomorrow for her adenoid operation.

That’s a lot of sickies.

While I was traversing the neighbourhood, DD texted a photo of his brekkie from the Neil Perry restaurant at the Qantas Lounge – lucky him! Much fancier than the Vegemite toast he’d have been given at my place.

I made him send me the full menu and decided I’ll be having the sweetcorn fritters with bacon, avocado, creme fraiche and tomato jam when I join him there for breakfast.

Speaking of Vegemite toast, one of my top stories on Drinks Trade last week was a cocktail with a piece of the aforementioned toast clipped to its rim – “Wollongong bar creates most Aussie cocktail ever”.

The bar noted on Instagram that the ‘Milton Mango’ was “the drink nobody asked for but you never knew you needed in your life”.

It contains mango-infused Bundaberg Rum, XXXX Gold and eucalyptus honey reduction, Px sherry, mango milk and a garnish of Vegemite toast.

The bar went on to say: “The drink is clarified using the mango milk to leave an almost silky mouth feel that sticks to the palate, complemented by a warm piece of Vegemite toast!”

Everyone I’ve told about the Milton Mango has pulled a face.

People are so unadventurous.

Take the jackfruit curry I made on Friday night. The eldest, who acts like they’re super alternative,  turned up their nose at it. I’d previously offered to cook it for DD, who pulled a Milton Mango face.

Indonesians treat unripe jackfruit like a vegetable and use it in curries and stews. It had a meat-like texture that makes it perfect for vegetarians who are missing a bit of chew in their food.

My ex and I used to love scoffing the stuff at Indonesian restaurants in Kingsford in our pre-kids days, so when I saw a packet at Harris Farm I grabbed it.

I thought it was quite yummy in a yellow curry sauce, the eldest not so much. They immediately heated up some spring rolls in the oven instead.

Then we settled down and watched Pulp Fiction together, which I’ve decided is a very, very odd movie. Some parts were horrifyingly funny, but others like the gimp bit (eeek, not really suitable viewing for a 15-year-old) seemed completely gratuitous and unnecessary to me.

Also, (director) Quentin Tarrantino can’t act for quids. Samuel L. Jackson on the other hand … awesome!

Verdict: not my favourite, though I couldn’t help giggling during the revolting car clean up scene.

Fingers crossed the youngest feels a bit better today.

Fingers also crossed for DD who missed his connecting flight to Shanghai and was only tottering into his hotel room at about 2am this morning, more than 18 hours after leaving my place.

Poor him.

Song of the day: Pulp Fiction dancing scene

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