My husband comes in handy

The youngest and I have survived another day of blood and mucus and pain.

Well, I didn’t have any pain, other than my usual middle-aged aches. But I did see a lot of blood and mucus, especially during the inaugural saline nasal wash … we’re moving to three daily now, I’m hoping my involvement winds back as the youngest gets the hang of it.

Yesterday was a hectic one: working from home, racing to the hospital for extra nasal bolsters ($4,50 each, argh!), making potato and leek soup for two sick kids, supervising the first post-op nasal rinse, and handing out all the antibiotics and painkillers.

The youngest has a very sore nose and throat and fancies soft food. After having soup for lunch, she requested chicken pot pies for dinner. Luckily, I had all the ingredients … except for puff pastry.

As I was stirring the mixture and pondering the best route for a supermarket dash, my ex called from a nearby supermarket and asked if I needed anything.

Woo-hoo, yes!

He arrived soon after with Appletiser, kombucha, raspberries, cream and a hug for the sick kid and pastry for the stressed mum.

I gave him half can of Balter XPA leftover from the pot pie recipe to say thank you, which he sipped at the youngest’s bedside while she tried out a passionfruit kombucha.

And so, single mum life was just a little bit easier yesterday thanks to my husband.

(I’m working on that little issue too, he’s been handed another affidavit for divorce papers.)

If only my ex was good with air conditioning – the heating has stopped working in the house and we’re shivering. I can’t figure out what’s wrong, I’ve even gone around the side of the house to check the pilot light is on.

So we’re huddled over little bar heaters. Well, I am. The kids barely make it out from under their doonas due to poor health. (The eldest will be kicked out from under the doona this morning, otherwise they run the risk of failing year 10 due to poor attendance.)

I spent yesterday responding to text messages from the youngest as she requested bolster changes, painkillers, extra bread with her soup, a new towel after spilling soup all over the old one, hand holding, soothing motherly chit chat etc etc.

Hopefully today is a better day for my little/big one.

PS I think she slept all the way through the night! I just snuck into the hall to check her heavy mouth breathing!

Song of the day:  The Beatles “I wanna hold your hand”


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