You had me at hello

I’ve been movie marathoning with the youngest while she’s laid up in bed.

I grabbed a handful of DVDs at JB Hi-Fi on Saturday to keep us entertained. When my ex called the youngest and she told him about my trek, he was perplexed.

“Why doesn’t she just use Netflix?” he asked.

“Because mum doesn’t know how,” the youngest replied.

I’m blaming it on my odd brain, which  refuses to learn certain skills. I could never put a needle on a record. Languages are beyond me, despite many WEA courses. Swimming is a bust. And I can’t get my head around apps and stuff like Netflix.

The whole app store thing terrifies me. I survive on what’s currently on my phone and when an app expires, I simply soldier on without it.

Same goes with Netflix. I just don’t get it.

Well, I get that it means you can watch movies whenever you like, but acquiring the service isn’t in my skill set.

I’m so old school: my music still comes from CDs and my movies still come from DVDs.

On Saturday we watched Peggy Sue Got Married and Jerry Maguire. And I cried and cried and cried.

It’s been an eon since I watched Peggy Sue Got Married. I loved it. The tears started when Peggy was magically transported from her 25-year reunion to her high school years. The phone rang in her old family home, she picked it up to hear her grandmother’s voice and she lost it.

I lost it too.

If I could go back 25 years that’s all i’d want to hear. She even gets to visit her grandparents. Oh, that would be so wonderful!

I’d love to open the front gate at Hawks Nest and give my grandparents a big hug. My nan would make a roast dinner and I’d dry the dishes afterwards while my pop washed up. Then we’d sit around chitter chattering all afternoon together.

I miss my nan so much.

I also realised while watching the movie that they got the idea for Yesterday, the new The Beatles-inspired movie that’s coming out, from Peggy Sue Got Married.

In one scene, Peggy Sue gives the lyrics to “I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah” to her teenage boyfriend so he can become a rock star. He changes the words to “I love you, ooo, ooo, oooh”.

In Yesterday, the lead pretends to have written “Hey Jude” and Ed Sheehan tries to convince him to sing “Hey Dude” instead.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Jerry Maguire got to me blubbing too. There’s a bit at the beginning where Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger are in a lift and a deaf couple sign to each other then start making out.

Jerry wonders what the guy said and Renee tells him it was “you complete me”.

So I spent the rest of the movie vibrating with emotion for that big scene, and it didn’t disappoint.

I actually really enjoyed the whole movie. Tom Cruise was pretty damn cute in his day, before the Scientology crazy overtook everything and obliterated my goodwill towards him.

The youngest couldn’t understand why I was blubbering so much, but she was too sick to give me a hard time.

She’s been horribly miserable all weekend. She hit the wall on Friday night and has been depressed about her slow post-op recovery ever since. Poor petal.

Cue lower circle of parenting hell.

I used to fantasise about getting a nose job when I was a teen. I have a bit of a biggie. But after watching the youngest suffer I’ve decided it’s a no for me on any non-essential surgery.

Watching the youngest suffer has been awful.

My ex gave me a few hours respite last night, he came over to my place to cook spag bol while I made a quick dash to see DD.

He’s finally home after three weeks of almost constant travel and doesn’t have to leave the country again for a month.

Seeing him cheered me up, before I returned home for another round of nasal wash duty.

Fingers crossed today is a better day.

Song of the day: Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue”


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