It’s his birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s DD’s birthday today, he’s 21 again!

He’s in China this week and has his kids this weekend, so we celebrated his unbirthday last Sunday.

I kept all the details of his unbirthday a secret for months, which is very unlike me. I was soooooo smug as I announced we were heading to the Blue Mountains for the night for a very special reason.

I kept loudly congratulating myself during the car trip, saying how clever I was and noting I’d organised the BEST birthday present EVER.

It’s never a good idea to be too pleased with yourself because it makes the universe mischievous. And so … my best-ever birthday treat was a bust.

It started out well enough – we watched the sun rise at Avalon, then we drove to a restaurant in Wentworth Falls called Nineteen23 for a fancy two-course lunch with the most fabulous view. Then we headed to Leura for coffee. As we sat having coffee, I told DD the best bit of his present was still to come and I had a special outing planned for the evening.

I refused to give him any hints about what it might be and he had a mild panic attack about it being a murder mystery night.

He begged me to at least tell him what time his secret birthday treat was happening.

It was precisely 2.43pm when I unfolded the sheet of paper to check the details and promptly burst into tears.

His birthday treat was tickets see his favourite comedian, Kitty Flanagan, perform at Springwood.

What I hadn’t noticed when I bought the tickets was that it was a MATINEE performance … that started at 2pm.

We. Had. Missed. It.

I was totally gutted. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

How could I have overlooked that important detail? I’d double-checked the sheet of paper the day before to make sure it was for the right day, did the same for the lunch booking and the same for the hotel booking to follow. HOW did I not notice the 2pm bit?


WHO would ever think a comedian would perform her 18+ show at 2pm???

Very, very, very sad face.

He was so sweet about it and insisted it was the thought that counted. But its sooooo not. Actually seeing Kitty Flanagan is much better than the thought of seeing her.

He really needed a laugh – he’s under a lot of stress at the moment – and I stuffed it up.

Actually, he got quite a few laughs at my expense once my tears dried up and my bottom lip retracted.

When I finally stopped crying – I figured it doesn’t improve a mangled unbirthday treat if you sob the whole time – we drove to The Three Sisters and took a selfie, then had pizza in a rowdy Katoomba bar and watched very drunk people fall off stools.

But perhaps the “highlight” of the unbirthday was going to Wentworth Falls the next morning, climbing down and up 5000 stairs and posing for a selfie at the EXACT SPOT where someone had fallen off the cliff and died two days earlier.


I didn’t realise it was the EXACT SPOT someone had fallen from and DIED until we were walking back to the car and I made the mistake of Googling “Wentworth Falls”.

Worst. Birthday. Present. Giver. EVER.

But the photos are nice …

Happy birthday spunky boyf … soz …

Song of the day: Lesley Gore “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”




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  1. Oh. No. That is terrible. I love Kitty. She gets bagged out on Twitter a bit which I find odd. I agree, a matinee performance is strange. Mind you matinees suit me because I’m old and don’t like going out after dark. Maybe Kitty feels the same. Happy birthday to the hot scientist 🙂

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