My top 10 blogs of 2016

Bugger all has changed in the 12 months since I published My Top 10 Blogs of 2015 … six of those posts have made the list again this year.

Sex, cubby houses and loot bags continue to rule. Well, mainly sex.

I didn’t mean for sex to be the main  reason people to click on my blog. It was a bit of an accident, sparked many years ago by my discovery that two authors were making an absolute killing by writing erotic fiction about women shagging dinosaurs.

I thought it was hilarious, but it’s quite a lucrative genre … anyways, it got me tangled up on Google search with something called the Triceratops Position/act/whatever you want to call it, which has nothing to do with dinosaurs but everything to do with three “horns.”

And KABOOM, suddenly my blog went semi-viral for a couple of days.

I’ve also discovered what a controversial subject sex can be.

Boy did I cop it a few years ago when I said I wasn’t sure about having a hysterectomy because it would involve six weeks of abstinence. People were HORRIFIED I would say such a thing in print, let alone make it a consideration during my deliberations on how to deal with my wonky lady plumbing.

As one commenter noted: “Do you truly consider your full audience when writing your daily blogs? Would you want your children, family, or even your partner’s family reading that you can’t bear 6 weeks without sex?”

I gave that a bit of thought and decided, nup, I don’t mind. I think there are far worse things people can read in cyberspace. My speculations are pretty tame.

Anyways … here’s my Top 1o for 2016 …

  1. A funny thing happened when I talked about sex

More than 40,000 people have viewed this blog post since it was published on October 4, 2014, just prior to my first meeting with DD (which lead to me regaling him with the inappropriate tale on our first date).

2. 10 amazing loot bags

Another old chestnut, albeit far more G rated.

3. 14 incredible cubby houses

Ditto, as per above.

4. Amazing celebrity houses and wife swaps revealed

The words “wife swaps” get ’em every time.

5. Let’s talk about sex

A blog post discussing the fact I discuss sex too much – well, it’s such a fun subject – with a bonus mention of the triceratops position.

6. I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs

And neither, it seems, can thousands of other people.

7. Farewell to a 30-year career

Finally! A blog post from this year! This one’s about me giving journalism the flick.

8. 50-year-old men are really hot

Another oldie (in both senses of the word), but turns out to have been a prophetic one, since I’ve fallen for a 53 year old.

9. It feels like I’ve lost a friend

Wow, I’d forgotten I wrote this one earlier this year about Pinky Poinker deciding to stop blogging. Luckily she changed her mind and we got to meet each other last week! We talked a bit about her decision – which she thankfully reversed – when we were together. It can be hard when your blog causes friction in real life, something we’ve both battled. Luckily we have awesome partners who are supportive of our decision to be forthright in the digital space.

10. Coming out the other side

A blog post about healing after a long-term relationship falling apart. While I initially felt jealous and resentful of long-term couples who’ve made it work, it now fills me with hope when I see those who’ve made it through the hard times.

What was the 2016 highlight in your life? 

Song of the day: Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing”



4 thoughts on “My top 10 blogs of 2016

Add yours

  1. Only 2 of my top ten posts are from this year. What really gives me the screaming irrits is that one of my top ten is a boring guest post from my husband which he wrote in my first year of blogging. Every year I wish with all my heart it will be booted off the list. I can’t believe someone commented on the six weeks without sex thing. Was it the first time they’d been on the Internet or something?

  2. Mentor Pinky knows I am too dim witted to work all that out, so I reckon my highlight might have been when mu Grandie finished school and I could stop being so fucking polite about his teacher and the whole stinking place.

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