Looking 2017 straight in the eye

New Year’s resolutions aren’t cool these days. Mia Freedman said so earlier this week.

She noted on Facebook: “I’m ditching resolutions again and going with a word for 2017. My kids are choosing words too. It’s such a good way to set intentions. Resolutions always feel like punishment. Words feel positive and optimistic….”

Her word last year was “create” and apparently it served her well.

A single word doesn’t do it for me, although I agree that resolutions aren’t always the best way to go.

So I’ve come up with a list of “intentions” for 2017, let’s see how they go.

They include …

>> Living within my means

>> Eating less and exercising more

>> Regretting less and loving more

>> More greens and less burgers

>> Cutting back on the booze

>> Keeping a cleaner house

Despite my zero bank balance and squishy body, I’m excited about the year ahead.

It will be brimming with friends, family and love.

I was thrilled to get the kids home last night after their holiday with my ex. They are growing up so fast.

The youngest starts her last year of primary school next month … eeeek! And the eldest heads to year 8. They’re awesome kids and I can’t wait to share the year with them.

I’m looking forward to another happy new year with DD. We’ll be cutting back on the travel, but it always feels like we’re on holiday when we head to the beach and have a snog in the surf.

And I’ll slowly get my little house looking schmick. First project for 2017: painting the woodwork in the renovated family room.

Do you have any “intentions” for 2017?

Song of the day: Natalie Merchant “Wonder”

2 thoughts on “Looking 2017 straight in the eye

  1. Is there only a fine line between a resolution and an intention? In any case I’d like to think that perhaps I could intend to try to be at least marginally more patient when I’m on hold ringing an off shore call centre to chat about my phone, or power or whatever else I don’t fancy talking about. Yeh I intend to immortalise my ‘Oh Well’ mantra. Good luck with the painting.

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