My week: stuff that’s been distracting me

I got my babies back yesterday after their two-week holiday with my ex’s family. It was soooooo good to see their bright, happy faces again.

Knowing they were having an awesome time doing stuff like this …


… made it a little easier to be apart from them.

But those holiday smiles won’t last long because this week is all about packing for our move to the new house. I’ve been a bit slack on that front … oooops … Naughty Mummy … Although the new garage is looking ALARMINGLY full with boxes I’ve been carting over, despite the rental house not appearing to get any emptier.

Here’s some of the stuff that been distracting me, along with work, blistering heat and dating someone who lives an hour away in holiday traffic …

>> Last Sunday I kicked off the week with a blog about the luxuries my feral furball got at Hanrob when I signed him up for the Platinum Paws Package in a post called Sold A Pup (aka Doggie Style).

>> On Monday it was Bad Hangover, Naughty Hangover time as I recovered from a night of champagne excess in my sister’s spa.

>> On Tuesday I revealed my anti-Piscean tendencies, then lived out my beach house fantasies in a blog called 12 Amazing Beach Bedroom Ideas.

>> Wednesday was a bitch session about New Year’s Eve in a blog called Harpy New Year.


>> Thursday was all about New Year’s Eve 2014: Celebrity Style.

>> On Friday I confessed to falling in love … with $15 Kmart jeans … in a blog called Skinny Jeans And Shiny Things.

>> And yesterday I noted that tomorrow doesn’t scare me anymore – because 2015 is kicking off way more awesome than 2014 – in Writing A Good One.

Meanwhile, over at …


>> Is THIS the viral travel video of the year? Take a look and let me know: did it make you craic a smile? >>


>> 15 amazing hotels in castles >>


>> The world’s best petrol station toilet is WHERE?


>> Check out the pics from Eva Longoria’s sultry Colombian getaway >>


>> You can sleep inside this rock!


>> Brrrr … Beyonce’s bikini break in Iceland >>

How was your week? 

Song of the day: Coldplay “Clocks”


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