Writing a good one

A year ago, I was terrified of tomorrow. Last week, I posted this meme on my Facebook page …



I belatedly Googled Brad Paisley and it turns out he isn’t a philosopher, he’s a country singer who looks like this …


(If you prefer your quotes from brainiacs, here’s a brilliant one from Albert Einstein: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. “)

But I reckon Brad’s onto something. And I’m determined to make my 2015 “book” a cracking one.

Last year’s tome didn’t start out too well. January was a pretty eggshelly, February was a car crash, I was a basket case in March … and April …

In late May I wrote a blog called I Wish We’d Turned Left that said: “I still want this to be a nightmare. I still want to wake up.”

Then, on June 17, I declared my Mourning Period Over as I felt hope start to blossom inside me again.

By August the family home was sold and I’d moved into a dodgy semi, thrown a messily memorable ’80s housewarming and decided I wanted a date, not a fling: “I want to plunge into the deep end with men who ARE on my wavelength and sink or swim. Sinking is fine, swimming is awesome and toyboys need not apply.”

In late September I joined RSVP … and hated it. I was talked into it by a friend who insisted I was ready. I didn’t feel ready, as I revealed in a blog called RSVP For Beginners:

Writing my profile was a little freaky, because before I’d even finished writing it there were all these pings (or are they called “kisses”?) from blokes. Well, maybe not pings, more like blip, blip, blip noises … I was being “viewed” as I agonised over what to say. Eeeeek. It would seem Friday night is prime time for uploading yourself to the masses.

Actually, after checking the “kisses”, they were a bit “arghbleah!” … contenders for men most likely to mug you in a dark alley.

Two weeks later I went on my first (and only!) RSVP date … with DD … and wrote a sneakily retrospective blog about it called I Can’t Believe I’d Doing This.

And things have been pretty lovely ever since.

I’ve bought a new house, I’ve settled into my new job, I’ve smiled and laughed more than I have in years.

I’ve got a pretty good feeling about 2015. I just need to get my shit together and start doing all the stuff that was my ex’s domain, like getting the car serviced and changing light bulbs.

And vacuuming. Some vacuuming wouldn’t go astray.

How about you? Are you planning on writing a good one in 2015? How’s Chapter One shaping up? 

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Alive and kicking”




2 thoughts on “Writing a good one

  1. I love the way everyone gets all meme-happy at the start of a new year (or anytime, really) without a clue who the quote comes from! But Brad looks like a man you can trust. I wish you a fantastic year of new opportunities and building on the strength you demonstrated in 2014. Awesome Simple Minds song. Deborah Conway’s Alive & Brilliant is a personal favourite of mine, with similar sentiments. 🙂

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