Skinny jeans and shiny things


I wore a pair of $15 Kmart jeans to work yesterday … and I liked it.

OK, I didn’t just like it – they are freaking awesome. I went shopping with an 11-year-old the other day and she talked me into trying them on. I was soooooo not keen, but she wouldn’t let it go. I gave up, shrugged them on … and fell in love.

They’re called Super Skinny Mid-Rise and they’re stretchy, but they don’t give you a muffin top. I was so excited by my reflection in the mirror that I bought them in blue and black. That’s two pairs of jeans I loooooove for $30 … mind blown.

I like to think I look like this in them, except pasty …


It turns out they’re a bit of a secret fave with the fashion crowd, too. Vogue’s discussion groups are full of raves, such as: “Yep, Kmart rocks for cheap skinnies! I have a red and a green pair. They have a decent amount of stretch and sit nicely on the waist – no plumber’s crack!”

I’m not thinking about the slave labour that went into creating them for 15 bucks a pair … well, I am thinking about it a bit … but I’m trying to block it out.

Jeans shopping is usually pretty soul destroying for me. Even though I’ve lost weight this year, every pair of jeans I try on look sooooooo blah. I was just humouring the 11-year-old when I pulled them on under my dress in the middle of K-Mart (couldn’t be bothered schlepping to the changeroom, fortunately the 11-year-old isn’t the easily embarrassed type – my eldest tween would have FREAKED).

But damn that 11-year-old knows her stuff.


I’m wearing my awesome new jeans with a Firefly T-shirt that DD bought me for Chrissie. He didn’t realise it was a Firefly T-shirt … he’s uninitiated to the show … he just liked the word scrawled across it.


Firefly is awesome – kinda like a western set in space – you should give it a squiz. I’m going to dig out my copy to show the 11-year-old to thank her for her jeans advice. It’s a TV series and movie by Josh Whedon, the guy who created Buffy.

On Firefly “shiny” is a phrase used to describe everything being OK …

“Everything’s shiny, Cap’n. Not to fret.” – Kaylee


And here’s a pic of … be still my beating heart … the captain – Nathan Fillion – wearing a shiny T-shirt.

Oh, and also a gif of him without his T-shirt on …


Think of it as a New Year’s gift from me to you …

Song of the day: Owl City “Fireflies” (my kids looooove this song)



6 thoughts on “Skinny jeans and shiny things

  1. Firefly is awesome! Nathan Fillion is a generally under rated hunk. Meanwhile I was given a Game of Thrones – House Stark T-Shirt and a Star Ship Enterprize T-Shirt from my husband. I think I prefer yours.

    • It would appear our partners share similiar taste in gift giving. Mine went crazy over a website called ThinkGeek. They do these amazing T-shirts that look like Doctor Who outfits complete with fake lapels and ties.

  2. Happy New Year Alana! I used to work with boys obsessed with ThinkGeek. I can’t see my fat self in the skinny jeans yet…but given it’s day 2 of the world’s biggest diet…let us see in 8 weeks. In the meantime, even if you don’t like the brand…go and try on some RM Williams jeans…I challenge you to see if you can find yourself a better bum in those jeans. They are amazing and another fashion secret.

  3. I haven’t seen Firefly but I loved the movie Serenity which is the same series I think. K Mart provide my shorts wardrobe. I can pick size ten off the rack and they are just slightly too big. Just the way I like to wear them. They’re pretty hardy too and don’t fall apart after the first wash and CHEAP!

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