Not proud of myself


I’m having a Draco Malfoy moment. I really wish it was a Harry Potter one.

I watched The Deathly Hallows with the kids last night. Parts 1 & 2. Pretty full on. Lots of torture and dying. Not terribly suitable viewing for an eight-year-old.

But, as DD noted yesterday – while observing my little terror gleefully water machine-gunning everyone in the pool – the youngest seems to have inherited my evil streak. I don’t think that’s exactly how he described it. I’m pretty sure it’s an “Alana misquote”. Yes, that’s actually a thing.

Harry was so brave and selfless in The Deathly Hallows. Draco was a big coward. As usual. I mean, I know he didn’t betray Harry to Voldemort that one time, but still …

He should be ashamed.

I’m ashamed.

I invited myself – and a crowd – over to my sister’s pool yesterday. She had visitors coming and was madly prepping, but was very cool about six people lobbing on her doorstep and creating extra havoc.

She cut her finger quite badly while prepping nibbles for her guests. Apparently she told me twice and I completely ignored her.

It was only on her third attempt, as she waved her heavily Band-Aided finger around, that the news finally sank in.

I’m appalled: what sort of crap sister am I?

And then there was the poor policewoman I left standing on my sister’s front doorstep in her heavy navy overalls in the 33 degree heat …

Some dodgy bastard broke into my sister’s boyfriend’s car the previous night and stolen his wallet – but kindly left the driver’s licence behind. The policewoman had arrived to fingerprint the car.

I answered the door and said I’d go fetch my sister’s boyfriend … and promptly forgot between the front door and the pool … until the poor policewoman finally rang the doorbell again 10 minutes later.

I felt sooooooooooo bad.

Then I took the kids to Westfield and bought them McDonald’s frozen Sprite drink thingies with popping candy on top. I should be taken out and shot for bribing them with evil goodies because I hadn’t seen them for two weeks and wanted to be Super Awesome Mummy.

And I’ve been neglecting my friends. And my housekeeping is abysmal. And, and … so many must-do-better things …

Do you ever have Malfoy moments? 

Song of the day: New Order “Regret”

PS Can I just say there’s some very disturbing sexual imagery that comes up on Google images when you type “Potter Malfoy” what is WRONG with people? Almost makes me feel better about myself …





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