My week: love is in the air


My life continues to move in mysterious ways.

Remember how I cancelled my ’70s housewarming? Well I got invited to a ’70s birthday party last night.

And it was the bulkest fun.

The birthday girl had hired an old hall in The Rocks and kitted it out with flashing furniture and bean bags and lots of glitter. There was a lolly table featuring retro sweets, disco numbers were playing on a huge TV screen, the bar staff were wearing Farrah Fawcett wigs …


There was also a fetching young John Travolta impersonator who took to the dancefloor and showed us his moves. Soon he’d attracted a crowd who started copying his disco finger and Saturday Night Fevering up a storm.

But the best part was the band. They were AWESOME.

The birthday girl’s husband and DD used to be in a band together called the Rampant Hamsters, so he’d invited his muso mates along and they took turns on the stage belting out retro numbers, some of them with absolutely no prior rehearsal.

The lead singer had flown in from Adelaide, donned a beige, three-piece suit and knocked out a bloody brilliant version of Love Is In The Air.

He was gooooooood.


I danced so much my feet hurt. Then I took my platform shoes off and danced some more.

It was such a wonderful end to what’s been a highly emotional week.

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How was your week? 

Song of the day: Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive”

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