Having a ball (and Superbowl 2015)

It’s funny the webs you weave in life. They make me so grateful that I’ve tried – even if I’ve sometimes failed – to live respectfully and gently.

I got a lovely email from Melissa – one of the organisers of my A-lister week – at Destination NSW saying: “Alana, I just realised I did work experience with you when I was at uni and you were at Woman’s Day! I worked with Katja so it was quite a few years ago! You were lovely to me then, and still lovely now – thank you! Have a great weekend.”

It reminded me of those crazy days as editor of Woman’s Day and buzz that surrounded it … but also that it was possible to do the job without being a total biatch.

Oh and that it was bulk fun when it wasn’t giving me ulcers. Can’t deny it, I’m a Hollywood junkie.

So, since I’ve been a bit distracted because DD got back yesterday – yippee, I bought Turkey Flat rose for us to sip and celebrate – I’m falling back on a subject I can blog with my eyes shut …

Celebrities … and the Superbowl.

I’ve never seen the Superbowl in my life, but stars went a bit mental over it on Instagram and as soon as something like that starts to trend, I get this irresistible urge to catalogue them all (I tell people it’s a bit like digital stamp collecting).

Here’s what went down … (Apparently New England won.)


>> Kate Hudson: “Amazing game! #MalcolmButler #HistoricINT#BradyMakesItHappenAgain #SuperBowlXLIX.”


>> Lea Michele: “#SuperBowl #HannahlovesSeahawks#IloveKatyPerry.”


>> Britney Spears: “Just ran into this guy 😎 @iamstevent #SuperBowl#reunited #2001halftimeshow.”


>> Ricki Lee: “More Super Bowl snacks! #ChilliCheeseDogs.”


>> Hugh Jackman: “@katyperry NAILED IT. Awesome job! @Patriots@Seahawks #2ndHalf.”


>> Larry Emdur: “You know that awful feeling when you do a SuperBowl pic and you know it’s going to end up being used as a poster for Sexpo ???@markberetta @sunriseon7 @sam_armytage #dontgotheregirlfriend.”


>> Drew Barrymore: “A date night my husband can get behind !#SuperBowllove.”


>> Josh Duhamel: “Swami says 27-24, #Patriots.”


>> Tori Spelling: “Our family’s contribution to #SuperBowl #cookiecake#justaddvanillaicecream #Ralphs.”


>> Curtis Stone: “#SUPERBOWL day!! For anyone still working out today’s menu, here’s SIXTY recipes that are made for enjoying on the couch w your mates #recipes http://www.curtisstone.com/tags/superbowl #hawks#patriot.”


>> Katy Perry: “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight… XLIX .”


And the finished result.


>> Anna Farris:  “At the game!! Have met wonderful people here supporting both teams-what a great country.” (With Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.)


>> Gisele (husband Tom Brady was playing): “Are you ready?!?! Let’s go Pats!!!!! #superbowl 🏈❤️💙 Vocês estão prontos?!?! Vamos Pats!!!!!”

And: “Lets go daddy!! Let’s go Pats !!✨✨✨✨ Vamos papai !! Vamos Pats!!”

And: “We are so proud of you daddy!!! Congratulations!!!!#gopats #superbowl #sb49 ❤️💙❤️ Estamos muito orgulhosos de você papai! Parabéns!!!! #vaipats”


>> Martha Stewart: “A selfie on the way into the Super Bowl exciting.”

Have you ever watched the Superbowl? Apparently the ads are AWESOME. 

Song of the day: Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the dark”


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