Something mushy has happened


I say I’m not a mushy person, but I secretly must be.

Why else would I buy another puppy? And prattle to it like a baby. And blubber while watching the season finale of Doctor Who. And deliberately use terrible grammar in text messages.

Yep, my heart is a big, gloopy puddle.

My brain is pretty mushy too. There can be no other explanation for blithely dropping the eight-year-old at band practice at 7.30am yesterday morning and driving off … when it wasn’t her band practice morning.

What a merry 90 minutes she must have had in the playground before the school bell finally rang.

Can you imagine how terrible I felt when I got the text message from my ex yesterday afternoon informing me of the eight-year-old’s abandonment?

To make matters worse, I only have one child this week – the other is at camp – so you’d think it would be easier instead of harder to keep track of things.

But I also took the youngest to swimming lessons on Tuesday without goggles, flippers, swimming entry card, shampoo or hairbrush.

She was quite miffed.

Fortunately I’m no longer miffed after quibbling backwards and forwards with the rental agent and finally coming to an unsatisfactory agreement. But at least I don’t have to avoid my gmail in-box any more … I could feel the nausea rising every time I clicked into it, anticipating of another round of combat.

As for why I’m so freaking vague these days … I have no satisfactory explanation. I used to run a weekly magazine with a staff of 35. I used to plan the family’s meals a week ahead and grocery shop with military precision. I used to organise the bejesus out of my social life … and everyone else’s social life.

Now I can’t organise my way out of a paper bag. Getting to work on time is a major achievement. And I’m not sure I’ll ever stop feeling bad about accidentally making my ex think our kids had been abducted.

Help! What’s happening to me? Please let it not be some disease that causes mental deterioration.

What’s the biggest feather-brain snap you’ve had when it comes to your kids?

Song of the day: Coldplay “Clocks”




2 thoughts on “Something mushy has happened

  1. The worst thing I ever did was forget to pick my son up from Crèche all those years ago. My mobile was out of battery so I didn’t get the message until I got home at 7pm! I just completely forgot about him…

    Poor carer girl was definitely NOT happy, even with the apology flowers the next day. Michael, however, was blissfully happy having had her all to himself for an extra hour and a half to play with!

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