My week: bottom feeders of the rankest sewer


It’s been a loooooooooong week waiting for DD to return from his overseas conference. Sigh.

(Mind you, it’s quite useful that he’s been in the US, as I needed Goldfish crackers again for the youngest’s pool party. This time around, it’s a slightly less forward request – I’d only known him three days when I asked him to bring Goldfish crackers back for the eldest’s pool party.)

He’s hopping off a 6am flight tomorrow morning and taking me for breakfast. Goodie!

I’d better get used to the separation angst. Not only does DD live 45 minutes away, he travels for work A LOT.

On the positive side, it’s given me the chance to catch up with a few friends. (For example: impromptu prawns and vodka lime and sodas on my back verandah last night with three girlfriends – bulk fun!). On the negative side, it’s given me the chance to clean my rental again AFTER paying professional cleaners who schmick places for real estate agents for a living. I mean, hello? HELLO?

There was also the small matter of supergluing all my fingertips while attempting to reattach the crappy plastic toilet roll holder to the rotting bathroom vanity. Cue minor panic.

A friend sent me a consoling email about the mean, nasty rental agents saying: “They are bottom feeders of the rankest sewer while you are an angel of the stars.”

Nawwww. That made me feel slightly better, even if it’s gilding the wilted lily.

I also got lots of advice on Facebook and the blog about how to handle the situation. Let’s see how I go …

In other news …

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Song of the day: Crowded House “When you come”

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  1. haha silly you. you don’t have to go to the states for goldfish crackers- you can buy them from the international sweet shops in Sydney! DD seems to be the workaholic type! they don’t make very good husbands from my experiences! haha hope all with the new house is well! x

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