I wish and wonder

Here’s a selection of thoughts that ran through my head yesterday. I have around three simultaneous thoughts every minute, so I’ve culled the list fairly heavily.

I think I made the right decision stayIng a redhead. My friend Mel is so sweet to offer to do my roots so I can save money on hair colouring. I must remember to get a touch-up kit from my hairdresser next time I’m there.

Geez it’s hard to take a decent selfie when you’re on the wrong side of 50.

Why does Bilbo try and kill every Golden Retriever he sees on our walks? Fortunately, that’s not nearly as dangerous – for him and me – as his animosity towards rottweilers.

I really hope I don’t catch COVID-19 at my Pump class. The nurses who’ve caught it and filmed warning videos sound really sick. I might just duck over and get myself a few more sanitiser wipes …

I wonder if the Premier will be at my coffee shop again this morning?

Why doesn’t she get her security bloke to order her flat white? Is it her way of being “normal”?

I wonder if the singer Elvis swore as much as my builder Elvis?

I wish I lived in New Zealand so I could have a travel bubble with the Cook Islands.

Jaysus, the Northern Territory just closed its borders until 2022!

Eeeek, Elvis was just using a bandsaw and now he’s dropped it and is swearing in a really deep guttural way and staggering around on the deck. I hope he hasn’t lost a finger.

Nope, I think he’s OK, the bandsawing just started again. Blimey it’s loud.

I feel really dizzy. Am I having a migraine or a stroke or has a crystal dislodged in my ear again?

I know you’re not supposed to have showers when you’re feeling dizzy, but I don’t want to be dirty if I need to call an ambulance. If I keep my eyes open the whole time and don’t bend over, hopefully I won’t faint.

Maybe I should create a wet room in the bathroom if I renovate it? Is there enough room to have the shower and bath side by side? Where’s my measuring tape?

I wonder if some hazelnut flavoured Kit Kat would help with the dizziness? Mmmmmmm, no, but delicious …

I might ask DD why he thinks I’m dizzy … I’ll just text him … hmmmm … he thinks I’m dehydrated. Nah, I don’t think so, but I’ll have some water just in case.

Still dizzy. Maybe it’s a menopausal migraine? I hate menopause.

I might try a Tiramisu Shortbread Cream and see if that helps with the dizziness … nah, and not nearly as good as the original bikkie.

Is Lord Howe Island part of NSW? I wonder if it has quarantine restrictions? I think I need a nice lie down for a week on an island and there aren’t many to choose from at the moment.

That DEFINITELY isn’t a double-glazed window that’s been installed in the front bedroom. Must complain to the builder again.

Wow, there’s a lot of tongue in that middle-aged pash in the front seat of that Range Rover. They must be having an affair.

How awesome is it that I sold all the youngest’s old school uniform stuff for $55 yesterday … hmmmm …. I wonder what else I can sell?

Will the potato wedges burn if I put them in the oven while I’m dropping Team Teal home from skipping training?

Yaaaaaay! One of the other mums just said on WhatsApp that she’ll get her husband to drive the girls home. I might have a sneaky can of Prosecco Spritz to celebrate. So much for not drinking mid-week.

Should I keep my desk to the living room or move it to my bedroom as part of the renovation? If I keep it in the living room, should I get a Lean Bookcase Desk from Fantastic Furniture?

Ooooh, the laundry looks good now they’ve put the higher ceiling in, much less like a torture chamber. I hope it wasn’t a mistake putting a shower in there.

Why the freaking hell is Charlie barking at me and pushing his full water bowl around the room? No one warned me dogs were this labour intensive.

Facebook is so depressing, my newsfeed is full of articles about COVID-19 and Donald Trump and people I haven’t seen in years, who all seem to be having fun together without me.

I think I have PMT, my boobs hurt and I want to yell at everyone, but at least the dizziness is gone.

I wish I’d realised the second toilet was decommissioned and gone to the bathroom before the eldest decided on a late night shower.

I hope no one catches me squatting in the backyard with my daks around my ankles.

What on earth should I blog about tomorrow? Oh, I know …

Song of the day: Natalie Merchant “Wonder”









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