Plastic not so fantastic

The wet and wild weather gave me the chance to test out my new ALDI gumboots yesterday … and revealed they are not, in fact, waterproof.

Keep that in mind next time they’re in store. They are nothing more than plastic RM Williams knock-offs.

I spent the whole day in the office in soggy socks and I hadn’t even stepped in any puddles.

The miserable conditions also led me to reschedule my walk last night with my friend Mel until the skies have cleared and the air isn’t quite so icy. We might try for a sunny lunchtime walk later in the week, before the next lot of storms roll in.

I decided to cook dinner for DD last night instead, finally serving up the Jamie Oliver-inspired pork and pumpkin risoni I’ve been threatening him with for days.

It was pretty good. I got the recipe from the latest Woolies magazine. I’ll also be feeding the kids a southern-fried chicken schnitzel recipe I scored from it. Sounds evil, looks good. Will advise.

Also yum was the apple liqueur we taste tested for dessert. It was sent to me by a Sydney distillery, together with some bonus gin hand sanitiser. Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is a delicious drop. I’m not really a dessert person, so it’s my idea of the perfect end to a meal (with a kick).

I’ll be writing a The Thirsty Travellers post about it soon. Stay tuned.

Song of the day: Garbage “Only happy when it rains”

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