Who’d have guessed?

Who’d have guessed that the hottest fashion item in 2020 would be a face mask?

This ad popped up on a news site I was visiting yesterday:

Blimey, face masks with bling!

And my gmail account is filled with messages from retailers announcing they have new stocks and styles available..

My expat friend Nathan (below)  in the US has been rocking fashion-forward masks for months now.

His son even wore one that matched his cap and gown when he graduated from high school in June. When Nathan shared the pic on Facebook, someone in Australia was shocked and commented that it was sad that face masks had to be worn for the ceremony. It seemed so far removed from our lives back then. Now, not so much. It looks like we’ll be wearing face masks for a very long time.

My mum has just posted us some black fabric ones that someone she knows is making in Newcastle.

I feel a bit sorry for the fashion retailers forced to switch to selling little bits of fabric to cover people’s noses and mouths, as I’m suspecting not many frocks are being sold during COVID-19. It’s a trakkie daks kind of year.

Speaking of trakkie daks … I’m still nowhere near having a laundry, so I dropped another couple of loads of washing over to my sister’s place yesterday.

I popped over last night to pick them up and have a spa. Just as my sister came downstairs in her cossie a massive storm erupted over her house. It was PELTING down. Lots of lightning and thunder too.

She was a bit hesitant about heading out into the wild weather, but I poured her a glass of prosecco and cajoled her out into the rain. I mean, it’s already wet in the spa, right?

We climbed in and it was raining so hard we literally couldn’t open our eyes. We just sat there squealing and laughing and holding our hands over our glasses so out prosecco didn’t get washed away, shrieking every time a new crack of lightning filled the air.

Then her husband turned on the outdoor stereo and blasted us with ACDC’s Thunderstruck and we started screeching with laughter all over again.

The rain and our uncontrollable laughter eventually eased and we sipped happily in the warm bubbles, endorphined up to the eyeballs and gossiping non-stop.

Not sensible AT ALL, but great fun.

Song of the day: ACDC “Thunderstruck”



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  1. Looked at cloth masks in a FB shop today. Buy five and get 10% discount, so I selected my five from a HUGE range of patterns, a large number of which were Aboriginal art, and then checked the total price….$120-odd! I hope they were covering licence fees for uding the artwork, at that price! Move along, noting more to see here!

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