“You are so brave”

These are four words that strike dread in my heart. They usually mean I’ve written a blog that might upset my nearest and dearest.

Yesterday, I got the “you are so brave” line in the school playground while chatting to some mums. It was because of my blog called Love On The Rocks, that discussed my fear Husband was only staying with me because of the kids … and that there was no mystery left in our relationship after 22 years.

Usually, when someone says “you are so brave”, it’s a fair bet I’ll be in the doghouse with Husband when he reads the blog.

If someone goes up to him at work and says, “Wow, what about that blog Alana wrote this morning …” being in the doghouse is a dead cert.

Husband is pretty busy this week with work and other stuff. He might never get around to reading yesterday’s blog.

And if he does, he might be totally fine with it.

Fingers crossed.

Husband hates being in the blog. Hates it. So I’m usually careful to avoid mentioning how annoyed I get by all his dirty socks tangled in the bed sheets or the horrifying length of his fingernails.

The Sprogs will probably hate being mentioned in the blog too, eventually, when they realise some of the stuff I write about them. Though currently Sprog 2 is just miffed she’s not in the main photo and keeps requesting that I redress the balance on Facebook.

And let’s not even talk about how cross I’ve made my sister.

Husband also hates it when I write stuff about my tenuous mental state.

Sort of how my mother felt when I returned from a holiday at my grandmother’s house when I was 11, wearing a black cowboy hat (I had a thing for the cowboy from The Village People at the time …. no idea they were gay) because what will the neighbours think.

I told the school mum who thought I was brave – bless her, she was lovely enough to also say she reads my blog over coffee every morning – that I do it because I want other people to know they’re not alone. If they relate to something I’ve said or done, if it makes them feel less crazy for thinking or acting a certain way then that’s good.

But I really hope I haven’t made Husband cross. Sometimes I don’t think I’m brave, sometimes I just don’t think.

In less potentially inflammatory news, I’ve written a blog over at Village Voices called  3 Luscious Pear Desserts. It includes a recipe I created for my friend Rebecca, who challenged me to make a dessert that was soy, gluten and egg free. So I made this pear pudding:

Check it out at …


3 thoughts on ““You are so brave”

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  1. Your blog was also about Hope Springs. In sharing your experience, I’d like to think that you and hubby will have a long and happy marriage! Marriages come in all shapes and sizes. Yours is just right for you 🙂

  2. Perhaps there’s something rather magical for us to know that even if things go wrong in a relationship for up to a year, everything can still work out well in the long term. And surely this strongly suggests that even if there is a bad patch again, it can be overcome.

    I’m watching “Go Back to Where You Came From” right now. When Peter Reith or Catherine just said:”You’re a very brave girl, Terana” (pardon my spelling of names), Terana had no choice but to be brave, after what happened to her and her family in Afghanistan. I think it’s even braver to be brave when you don’t have to be – to help a friend in prison who has been wrongly convicted, or to write what others won’t admit, in case it might help other people.

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