HouseGoesHollywood: Kim worries about her butt, Rosie weds, Ange’s beauty secret

Rosie O’Donnell weds

Wow, Rosie O’Donnell just keeps those poetic surprises coming. Last week it was a heart attack, this week she announced on her blog that she got secretly married to fianceé Michelle Rounds.

The couple, who announced their engagement in December last year, exchanged vows on June 9 in a private ceremony in New York, O’Donnell’s rep Cindi Berger told People magazine. “They got married but they haven’t had the wedding celebration.”

Here’s part of the poem Rosie wrote about it:

“when it rains …

things grow
like love and flowers
humans too

so on we go
we married in private
before her surgery
just the 2 of us

when we r both well enough
will have the wedding of r dreams
surrounded by those we cherish
thankful for the love and support
so many have given us
during these trying times”

Hope for X-Files fans

The Huffington Post is reporting that Gillian Anderson, who played Agent Dana Scully on The X-Files, offered some potentially good news during a panel discussion at Fan Expo Canada over the weekend.

According to a Twitter user who was live-tweeting the panel, when asked about the possibility of a third X-Files‘ movie, Anderson replied, “I met with [series creator Chris Carter] before coming here and it’s looking pretty good.”

But they still have to talk Warner Bros into it, because the last one, The X-Files: I Want To Believe grossed only $68million worldwide.

Ange rubs herself with Dragon’s Blood

The Daily Mail  has cautiously revealed that Angelina Jolie “is thought to be a fan of Dragon’s Blood, Rodial’s popular sculpting facial gel”.

“Celebrity facialist Nuz Shugaa who works with Rachel Weiz and Amanda Seyfried, as well as Angelina, says that the mother-of-six relies on the gel to maintain her youthful appearance.

‘Angelina needs to keep her skin plump and hydrated to maintain the youthful radiance she is famed for,’ says Shugaa.

‘Lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle with extensive travelling all contribute to depleted levels of hyaluronic acid – which result in the skin looking tired, dry and dull.

‘This incredibly ageing to all women in their thirties.

‘I recommended the Dragon’s Blood’s sculpting gel to Angelina as it gives her a dewy complexion (for appearance of sleep!) with added volume which define her beautiful high cheek bones’.

“Dragon’s Blood, £75, is made from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree and sold-out within minutes when it first launched earlier this year.

“It proved so popular that there were 20,000 eager customers on the waiting list before it went on sale.”

Hot pics & clicks

* “I think my butt looks too big in these jeans” said Kim Kardashian about this Instagram shot (above)

* Oh my god, I can’t believe that’s Christina Aguilera.

* I feel a bit unclean saying this, but John Mayer’s new haircut is kinda hot.

* Katy Perry forgets her pants on a trip to Disneyland. Not the most flattering outfit …

* Sylvester Stallone’s daughters are all grown up.

* See Robin Williams bald as former US President Eisenhower here.

* They’re remaking Carrie – see a blood-drenched preview pic here.

* Russell Crowe looks like someone’s granddad in these pics.

* Check out Kate Hudson’s official promo shot for Glee (above).

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