“You are so brave”

These are four words that strike dread in my heart. They usually mean I’ve written a blog that might upset my nearest and dearest. Yesterday, I got the “you are so brave” line in the school playground while chatting to some mums. It was because of my blog called Love On The Rocks, that discussed […]

Survivor: Home Island

My plans for yesterday got cancelled at the last minute. I should have been relieved, but I panicked. How would I amuse the Sprogs all day? Movies, beach, play centre, IKEA jaunt …? A quiet day at home didn’t make the list. (It’s an illness. I should be medicated.) But the Sprogs rejected The Muppet Movie, the weather looked too inclement for […]

I have a terrible confession to make

Friends have a five-year-old son with waaaaay too much energy. He makes Sprog 2 look listless. I had dinner at their place the other night and chuckled at their utensils drawer: tongs, mixing spoons, knives … and a wide selection of handballs. Because you never want to find yourself handball-less with that little tornado. His need to be in constant motion […]

Faking it

Is it wrong to pretend to do stuff in the name of “being a good mother” when it’s actually because you’re having a fat crisis? I took the kids to the park on Sunday. I said it was so Sprog 2 could go bike riding. But it was really so I could go jogging. I made it once around the park, turned purple, started wheezing and had to stop. It was […]

Festive squatting

Christmas was supposed to be in my sister’s backyard. But we went to someone else’s place instead. They weren’t there. It was fantastic*. We lounged around on their outdoor setting, used their cutlery and plates, filled their fridge with grog, filled their wheelie bin with prawn heads, splashed around in their pool. It was like having a holiday house for free. Husband found the pool […]