Terrible mistake

I didn’t blog yesterday because I have a cold. Blah! Not a bad one, but I feel a bit wiped out.

I’ve also been very miserable about selling my house. I have been berating myself, convinced I’ve made a terrible mistake.

I have created a lovely, large bedroom for myself in my current abode. It has the most glorious, luxurious carpet, a gift from my local Choices Flooring owner/brother-in-law. It also has fabulous white shutters that I leave open so I can watch the sun rise each morning.

My bedroom is at the opposite end of the house to my noisy, messy children. It is incredibly peaceful, despite being on a busy road.

I will miss it.

All the apartments I have seen over the last three weeks haven’t been quite right and virtually no new stock has come onto the market.

I am being chased by a real estate agent who selling an apartment at a great price in an awesome location … aside from the fact it is on a very busy road. I don’t think I want my balcony to overlook a very busy road, despite all his suggestions for mitigating the noise.

Prospects were looking pretty bleak.

And then a (potentially) fabulous two-storey garden apartment appeared on the market yesterday and my eyes lit up with delight.

It is close to transport and cafes and the city and the youngest’s school. The bedrooms are a bit small, but otherwise it ticks so many boxes.

I can’t wait to inspect it on Saturday. The pictures look awesome. If the real thing lives up to the hype, I will be in love.

Of course, that’s just the first hurdle. It might sell for more than I can afford, I might miss out at auction.

Stay tuned …

In other sadness, I accidentally stood a friend up for a walk on Sunday because my head was too full … and didn’t even realize until she texted yesterday to check if I was OK. I feel like such a heel.

I also yelled at the youngest yesterday as it was a very stressful on the work front, which is not a good excuse. Her physio appointment and dinner coincided with a flurry of urgent tasks and calls.

I may have shouted at one point: “This is more important than your lasagne!!!!”

She is super cranky with me about it because her year 11 exams start today and she had asked me to keep things calm.

Things were the opposite of calm.


I am not normally someone who yells, but middle age is proving to be very trying at times.

Admittedly I have brought some of the current stresses on myself …

I may take tomorrow off blogging to aid my recovery from illness and decrease my mental load.

If I do, catch you next week and have a fab weekend.

Song of the day: Split Enz “That was my mistake”

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