Taking a gamble

Things got a bit exciting over the weekend on the apartment hunting front. I almost bought something over my budget.

My friends Emily and Fee joined me for another tour of the latest open houses … with a yummy lunch in the middle.

We checked out that two-storey place I had my eye on, which was so popular the real estate agents had to regulate how many people were allowed inside at the same time.

It was lovely and had a great backyard for the dogs, but the bedrooms were tiny.

Then we headed to a wild card place that I’d been noticing on and off for weeks, but had thought was out of my price range.

Apparently the buyers’ finance didn’t come through, so it was back on the market.

As there’s so little on the market at the moment I decided to check it out.

Oddly, there wasn’t a soul at that one.

Emily, Fee and I loved it. It was also two storey and felt so glamorous, plus it was across the road from a park and just two minutes’ walk to the train station and lots of great restaurants.

The agent said he was opening it up again in the afternoon, so I excitedly called DD and asked him to hustle south.

Coincidentally the youngest asked if I could pick her up from the public library where she was studying, so I dragged her along too.

The youngest HATED it. She thought it was ugly and said the bedrooms were way too small (despite being four metres by three metres). Her current bedroom is pretty generous at 3.4 x 4.3 metres.

I pointed out that apartment bedrooms don’t tend to be enormous …

Suddenly my dream apartment felt a bit tawdry.


But I am the one who will be living there long term, not the kids. So I need to decide what is right for me. She will also discover that the stuff in my price range is much less fancy than the apartment she hated.

Be careful what you diss my child!

On Sunday morning I woke up and started thinking about a place I saw on my first weekend of hunting. On a busy road, up a few flights of stairs, but in an excellent location (with an incidentally enormous bedroom for the youngest) and heaps cheaper.

And suddenly the wheels were turning in my brain all over again.

There is also the option of sitting tight and seeing what else comes onto the market. Plus there’s the wild card of interest rates possibly going up tomorrow and the effect that will have on the market.

Decision, decisions …

I woke up this morning and resolved to wait and give the property roulette wheel another spin this week.

In other weekend news, I made a booking with my local council to get an old mattress taken away. I got DD to help me heft it onto the nature strip, then realised a few hours later that I had the date wrong and it’s not being picked up until next week. Bloody menopause brain! Now I have to work out how to drag the waterlogged thing back in again.

Also, my sister slow roasted delicious lamb shanks and gathered her ex-husband and his family around the table with my nephew and my parents for a lovely extended-family Father’s Day celebration.

As I drove home, a young woman was being interviewed on the radio after winning a weekend away with her boyfriend. She requested a song, saying it was the one – even though they are not engaged yet – that her boyfriend would like played when she walks down the aisle.

Awwwww bless … this is what it was …

Song of the day: Elvis Presley “I can’t help falling in love” (oh, he was SO beautiful)

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