No one wants to see that

Soon after I published yesterday’s blog post, I let the dogs out and discovered the back room was covered in dog bile, puke and other gross stuff.

I’m not exaggerating. It was EVERYWHERE. In big piles.

My first instinct was to take a photograph. It wasn’t a very good first instinct. As I framed the shot, I thought to myself no one wants to see that and put my phone down.

I wasn’t sure what to pick up in its place. The piles were quite substantial for such small dogs.

Some sort of removal process was required prior to mopping …

Anyways, it was disgusting and it ruined my morning routine and I was a bit worried that one or both dogs might need medical attention.

But they seemed very peppy.

I’m wondering what caused the explosions. Was it the vet visit or the raw bones or the application of a new tick treatment or poisoning or none of the above?

My mood wasn’t improved by the realisation I’ll be attending my first social event with my ex’s girlfriend SSF in a few weeks time.

A mutual friend of my ex and I is returning to Australia from the UK to mark the 10th anniversary of her husband passing away. She’s holding a celebration at a local pub.

When I asked my ex if he was taking a date, he kinda skirted around it and said I should feel free to bring DD. I don’t particularly want to drag DD along because I will know heaps of people and he will know zero people  –  other than my ex – and he will be very bored.

I’d have been quite happy to go on my own if my ex was going on his own, but I get the feeling he’s not because he said “I think it’s going to be a pretty big show” … which I presume is code for “so we will be able to avoid each other”.


It shouldn’t bother me, but it will be the first time SSF and I have been in the same room together in about eight years, so it’s a bit of a moment. I suppose it’s good training for the youngest’s wedding.

But it’s too late to go on a crash diet and lose eight kilos. Fortunately I think middle-age has been just as cruel to her as me.

To top it all off, my mum had an operation yesterday, so she’s feeling pretty blerk.

My sister should be the eldest child – she’s the one who drove to Newcastle to make sure everything was OK and my dad got home in the dark. He has macular degeneration, so he can’t see very well at night … I also can’t see very well at night, but I’m just going la-la-la about it at the moment.

I battled my visual shortcomings to pick the eldest up from the train station at 9pm last night. They were bringing home an additional pet rat for the youngest.

I know, I know. But it seemed like the only way to keep all parties, other than me, happy during the truce negotiations.

Now Twitch won’t get depressed by being left alone.

The youngest is beyond excited to welcome Remy to the household – they will keep each other company while she’s recovering from nasal surgery next week.

So, all-in-all, yesterday was a bit of a come down from Monday.

I’d like another long weekend, thank you very much.

Song of the day: Van Morrison “Days like this”







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