Help is on the way

The average maximum June temperature in Sydney is 17C, but yesterday was forecast to hit 22C – with a water temp of 21C – so I made DD go swimming with me at Avalon Beach.

DD looked like this most of the short time he was in the definitely-not-21-degree water …

(I’ve recently decided DD resembles Michael Sheen. He’s happy with that, especially since Sheen used to be married to Kate Beckinsale … totally because she’s such a good actress …)

But I LOVED it in the water. I wore my ALDI wetsuit to keep my tummy warm and it was wonderful to be among the waves. As I gazed up at the glorious clouds it felt very good to be alive.

When I emerged from the surf, I gave DD a big hug and said: “Let’s do it again next weekend!”

DD’s face and arms remained like this …

Actually, DD’s face looked like that most of the day. He’s completely wrecked from all the work travel he’s doing at the moment. Last night he headed to Japan, then he’s off to Shanghai next Monday.

I couldn’t hack doing that week in week out.

Not even a burger on the Avalon headland after our dip cheered DD up.

I can’t imagine how he’ll be feeling by next weekend. Probably not like freezing his butt off at the beach. I’ve promised to make him sticky ribs and beans afterwards, with a nice bottle of red.

On my way home from our beach adventure, I collected the youngest and her friends from the mall, where they’d been to a movie and gone sale rack shopping. For some unfathomable reason the youngest decided she needed a 10th pair of denim shorts and a 50th crop top … in winter … meaning there wasn’t enough money left from the $50 her father gave her to purchase proper sustenance, so she got a Go Bucket from KFC instead.

I shake my head … and hope he wasn’t expecting change.

In other fiscally painful news, my latest vet visit cost $200 for an injection and the diagnosis of gingivitis for Bilbo. Such severe gingivitis that he may require extractions.

That doesn’t sound cheap. The vet mentioned chewing meaty bones could possibly – but probably not – save his back tooth. So I immediately headed to Woolies for supplies.

Unfortunately my princess dogs don’t understand bones – when I threw the raw, meaty goodness into the backyard, they just stared at me like the kids do when I ask them to clean their rooms.

But I’m determined to starve them into bone gnawing action – there’s no dosh for doggie dental after the kiddie version.

Fortunately financial assistance is on the way. I received this exciting email last night:

Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this project; Is obvious we have not met each other, 

Meeting new people in our daily lives is not an-ending circle and my apology for sending you this information by e-mail instead of Post-mail.

I decided to contact you for assistance and distribution of my inheritance after going through your profile.

I am Mrs D.Maria, an Australian by birth. My Husband was an American citizen who died years ago and we had no child,

I am sick and Dyeing at the moment and  i will be going in for an operation soon at Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis, Dordrecht,South Holland,in the Netherlands.

At this critical time, I want you to use my funds for the homeless and charity.

This is based on my wish for charity as i have decided to WILL my funds to you and my Attorney has been notified.

Please I hope you understand the nature of this transaction, which has made me frugal.

Assure me that you will act on humanitarian motives.

Contact My Lawyer,
Barrister. Morris for guidance:
Mrs D.Maria

How did Mrs D.Maria know I was both charitable and in need of charity? Such an insightful woman, although a little remiss in the spelling and syntax departments.  Bless. I must contact Herb Morris and offer my assistance immediately.

Hope your long weekend was a good ‘un.

Song of the day: Foreigner “Cold as ice”





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