I can’t forget

Alzheimer’s prevention is an expensive business.

Remember the scientist I told you about last week, the one who’s linked Alzheimer’s disease to menopause?

She said good foods – for menopausal women who are terrified of getting Alzheimer’s – are omega-3 fatty acids, berries, particularly goji berries, dark chocolate, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, olive oil, dried apricots and soy.

On the other hand, processed foods, soft drink, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and non-organic foods “gotta go” … I might have to resign myself to memory loss.

After reading the article, I made the mistake of telling the youngest that goji berries are a superfood, especially when they’re coated in dark chocolate.

The youngest is sick of being sick, so she’s  gone on a health kick – no sugar, low lactose, preferably organic … and now dark chocolate-covered goji berries.

Organic, chocolate-covered goji berries are expensive little suckers.

That goes for everything organic. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $9.95 on 500g of organic cucumbers at Woolies on Saturday.

Blardy hell!

So I bought the chemical slathered ones. The youngest will never know.

As for get her kombucha addiction, it’s going to bankrupt me.

Actually, no, the youngest’s adenoids are going to bankrupt me. I paid the $2900 fee for her nasal surgery yesterday. The ENT expects his money in advance. Ouch. Fortunately the anaesthetist is happy to bill afterwards.

I soothed my frazzled bank account with free tickets to Rocketman last night. I got a Hoyts voucher for Mother’s Day to do the fancy Luxe thing where they bring you food and wine in the cinema, but when I went online it was $43.50 a seat – plus a booking fee – and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay it, even though it was the ex’s money.


So I got four tickets to Extremescreen instead for myself, DD, my sister and her husband. We went for cocktails and guac beforehand at a Mexican pop-up bar across the road, surrounded by lots of Vivid prettiness.

Rocketman wasn’t too bad, but I preferred Bohemian Rhapsody. I didn’t feel Elton’s angst as a sad, lonely pop star came across as deeply as Freddie’s. I’m sure life and fame were a tough journey for Elton, but the movie didn’t entirely bring it across.

Great costumes and music numbers though.


The eldest stayed at my ex’s house last night, so it’s just me, the rat and the two dogs here this morning.

As it’s a public holiday, it’s even quieter than usual.

Monday mornings are not my favourite. I don’t like waking alone with another week – and its inevitable hurdles – stretching ahead of me.

But I remember my hurdling trick from high school  – don’t think about it too much, just start running, take a big leap and you’ll clear them.

Oh, and always wear scungies under your sport skirt.

OK, time to get up and start hurdling.

Song of the day: Elton John “I’m still standing”


4 thoughts on “I can’t forget

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  1. Love the scungy reminder- great metaphor. Who of us hasn’t forgotten them?
    Great photo of the rat – yuk

  2. Start a backyard vege patch. Get the youngest to do it – she wants organic it’s a good solution. Check out Diggers Club for good organic seeds, etc. The rat is gorgeous. The other approach to hurdles is to run right through them, like Megz did XD

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