Things that can’t be unseen

I never expected to become a journalist who writes about serious things like the Australian Brands in China Index 2019,.

My stock in trade for most of my career was whether Brad and Jen would get back and if Bec would leave Lleyton. (I think the weekly mags are still obsessed with those topics, though god bless Megan Markle for giving them something new to gossip about.)

Anyways, the China Index thingy has revealed the Australia beverages Chinese consumers know and trust most.

I was very surprised that Penfolds wasn’t in the top 10 … and even more startled that XXXX was China’s favourite booze brand

After I wrote the story, I Googled “Chinese woman drinking XXXX” images, seeking a gender diverse main photograph to go with my article.

Never, ever Google “Chinese woman drinking XXXX” if you don’t want to see things that can’t be unseen.

My computer screen was immediately  filled with naked Chinese women revealing very intimate areas of their bodies while imbibing fluids that definitely weren’t beer.

It was very, very not the type of imagery I was after.

I freaked out, had a mild panic about my search history and switched to “drinking beer China”. Bugger gender diversity.

I’m beginning to understand why all the XXXX stories on my site have been getting so many clicks …

XXXX Brand Director Amy Darvill had a few theories about why XXXX was the favourite alcohol brand in China.

“There is no doubt that many tourists would have tried a few GOLD’s when visiting, or at least experienced how loved the brand is here in Australia,” she said.

“Secondly, we can’t escape the symbolism of our colours. To my understanding both gold and red are considered lucky colours in China – and as key assets of our brand I am sure this contributes to our popularity.”

I don’t think she’s Googled “Chinese woman drinking XXXX” either.

To soothe myself following the trauma, I read DD’s last text message to me before hitting the skies for Sydney. He told me he’d missed me every day he was away.


OK, I may have requested a message about being missed … but hey … it still felt good.

Of course, being me, my next feeling was perplexity as to why he’d miss me.

Anyways, enough about my whacked brain.

Have a great long weekend, if there’s one in your neck of the woods.

Mine will be spent seeking a school jumper for the youngest that doesn’t give her a rash, taking the dawg for an injection, negotiating a rat truce and seeing my boyfriend briefly before he leaves for Japan on Monday.

I’ve also just seen they’re predicting 23C on Monday …. in June … WTF? And the water temp is still over 21C, so I might even go for a swim in the ocean prior to DD’s departure.

Fingers tightly crossed.

Song of the day: Berlin “Sex … I’m a …”


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