Nooooo not again

The youngest was off school sick again yesterday.

Fortunately all she missed was a geography excursion to the local creek. She thought it was equally fortunate she had a rat snoozing in a bed sock to keep her company.

Each to their own.

The picture she sent me is kinda cute, but there’s still no way on this earth I want to touch it. That big pink tail makes me shudder.

Though at least I don’t jump and squeal like my ex did when Twitch appeared on the eldest’s shoulder on Sunday.

We’re counting down the days until the youngest has her nasal surgery – I’m really hoping it means less sickness and more health.

And while the youngest recovers, there’s a rat for her to cuddle …

Give me DD any day, well not any day soon, as he’s still in Tokyo on his business trip.

I spent a day in Tokyo many, many moons ago, when I was living in Asia as the editor of Singapore Cleo.

I remember very little about it other than Ginza being super expensive and European-looking and Shinjuku being very chaotic and amazing.

About the only other thing that’s stayed with me is that the four-day Chinese New Year bus tour was conducted entirely in Mandarin, with every included meal at Chinese restaurants to appease the Singaporeans on board (we were the only Westerners) who didn’t like eating foreign food.

Funny in retrospect, but a bit of a bummer at the time.

DD loves Tokyo. Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to explore it with him, though it’s not at the top of my bucket list and definitely not in my budget.

Pretty much nothing is in my budget once I get the youngest’s nose and teeth fixed.

Geez teenagers are expensive.

Maybe I should offer my sub-editing services to Nigerian con artists for a bit of extra cash?

I’ve been feeling a teensy bit jealous of my expensive teenagers since my ex suggested he might take them to New York in August. He’s attending a 10-year reunion of his scholarship group (pictured above – oh, I was so young and thin!) from Columbia University.

If we were still together married instead of separated married I’d be going too. The scholarship gang are a lovely bunch, I am a little sad not to see them all.

The youngest (nawwww) doesn’t remember living in New York at all, since she was only two at the time. The eldest remembers bits and pieces.

I thought there would be push back from the eldest about leaving the rats, but it appears New York trumps rats. (Speaking of Trump, the youngest was HORRIFIED to learn there’s a Trump Tower in NY that the dreaded President owns, but since it’s close to good shopping, she’ll allow it.)

I’ll get back to New York one day. That’s another city I’d love to see with DD and show him all my old haunts.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra “New York, New York”




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