Princess Chomp Box

Warning: this is a slightly naughty one

At times, my sense of humour veers towards the quirky, which explains why I was highly entertained by this meme …

It’s the best one I’ve seen since “What’s Your Elf Name?” did the rounds at Christmas.

My elf name is Merry Elf-Pants.

My vagina’s name is Princess Chomp Box.

Princess Chomp Box!!!! I’m cackling all over again!!!!

The comments on the Scary Mommy meme were lots of fun in themselves. There were 12,000 of them – that’s HUGE – and I scrolled a fair way down without finding a wowser.

Everyone was delighted to have a vagina name.

Someone tagged a friend and wrote: “If this wasn’t funny enough. Read the comments. Just a bunch of women gathering together making jokes about their vaginas. 😂😂😂 this is what we need in this world.”

Another said: “Hahahahahah cause I’m sitting here going through all my friends’ vaginas names like any normal person.”

I thought it was oddly lovely to be giving vaginas names such as The Glorious Glitter Biscuit and Wonderful Sugar Hole and for so many people to be avidly looking up the vagina names of everyone they knew.

Women feel far too much shame about their bodies. More power to The Magnificent Hot Waffles of this world …

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “She bop”



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