Never a G-rated moment

Gwarn, admit it … how many of you checked what your vagina name was yesterday? A few people privately messaged theirs to me.  It was very entertaining being bombarded with vagina names.

The last 12 hours have been far more G-rated.


Just before I left work last night I enjoyed the career highlight of writing the headline “Big Black Cock wins Gold” for Drinks Bulletin.

This Queensland bloke has called his whiskey label after his chooks … yeah, right … anyways so his Mt Uncle Distillery took out Gold in the ‘Single Cask Single Malt Whiskey’ category for its The Big Black Cock Single Malt Single Barrel Whiskey at the World Whiskies Awards.

I was quite giddy when I heard the news.

Or maybe that was the wine from lunch – I met up with a PR who’s a bottle rather than a glass kinda gal, so I was a little wobbly yesterday afternoon.

As is my way after a few pinot grigios, the conversation got VERY deep. Talk to me for an hour and it’s like you’ve known me for 20 years. I am completely cards on the table in my old age.

But she seemed to handle the revelations pretty well and dished her own biggies straight back at me. It reminded me that we all have our mountains to climb and crap to shovel. Life will always have its challenges and, while they may lead to a few tears at bedtime, there’s also lots of wonderful stuff that gets you back out from under the covers in the morning.

The kids will fling me out of mine today, they’re back from their dad’s place and need to be at band rehearsal and the bus stop by 7.30am. Gawd single parenting is a crazy whirl (I may have mentioned that 500 million times before, sorry).

All the after-school activity pick ups and dinners to make and sheets to wash and groceries to (almost not be able to) buy and the bills to pay never get any easier.

I got an email the other night announcing I need to cough up the $1900 balance to Skipping Australia for our participation in the World Skipping Championships by March 30 … even though we don’t go until July 23 … oh to have a spare $1900 just lying around …

In happier news on that front – did I tell you GoFundMe donated $1000 to the kids’ campaign? Except I can’t use my $250 to pay the final installment because the fundraising period hasn’t ended yet … tricky … But I’ll cross that bridge somehow.

I’m a bit obsessive stage mother about their cool video, so here it is again …

And the fundraiser link:

GoFundMe was impressed too and wants make a mini doco about Team Teal – how cool is that? I’ll let you know if it happens …  about four lawyers related to various team members are casting their eyes over the release document at the moment.

OK, gotta go wake the kids, catcha …

Song of the day: Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue “Kids”

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