That’s the way you do it

To cheer me up after my Kitty Flanagan surprise birthday gift fail, DD organised a double-feature secret outing for me last week. Aside from him thinking it was totally hilarious to pretend he’d gotten the time wrong we had a lovely night …

The only clue he gave about the first surprise was that it involved tickets to something that went from 5-6pm. What on EARTH goes from 5-6pm on a Friday???

I knew I had no chance of guessing, so I didn’t even try. I just dressed up – in my new $60 Leona Edmiston dress, heels and fishnets that I didn’t get a chance to wear to Kitty – and went with it.

As we were walking towards the ABC studios in Ultimo, I realised we must be heading to the taping of something. But I still knew I’d never guess what it was, so I just wobbled along in my high heels and went with it.

It turned out to be a radio show called “Thank God It’s Friday”. It’s hosted by Richard Glover and the guests last week included Jean Kitson and Marcia Hines. We were about the youngest people there by 10 years. I was very overdressed. Everyone else wore polar fleeces and Rockports.

It was my very first radio show audience taping (although I’ve been a radio show guest via phone … oh, and used to voice the ads for Woman’s Day – talk about being a two-for-one editor) and it was good fun, with an amazing vocal performance by two of the shimmery singers from Marcia’s musical, Velvet. Even though it was radio, they wore full make-up and their teeny, tiny glittery dresses from the show. They looked amazing. Bless them.

We went along with two of DD’s northern beaches mates, who’d been lovely enough to make the loooooong trek down to the city. So we treated them to happy hour half-price cocktails afterwards at the Novotel. Glamour …

I reckon I wouldn’t go too badly in one of those how-well-do-you-know-your-partner? quizzes because I knew to order DD a margarita without even asking him.

As for the second half of the surprise, I’d worked out what that one was. We’re both LastTix subscribers and I’d see it come up in my emails as an offer. DD kept pressing me to say what I’d guessed, but I refused in case I was wrong and he’d feel bad for having not booked tickets to the thing I wanted.

He’d managed to get seats to one of the last nights of Kinky Boots. He’d already seen it with his kids in Melbourne and my kids had already seen it with their dad, so I was the odd one out.

I’m not really a musical person, but everyone has been raving about Kinky Boots. And I have to say, as far as musicals go it was pretty good. I didn’t fall asleep like I usually do. I once walked out of Rent at interval because I was worried my gentle snoring was putting off the other patrons. And don’t get me started on Phantom of the Opera … zzzzz …

The costumes and staging were fabulous in Kinky Boots, Cyndi Lauper’s songs were great and I loved the inclusive message of the show. Very timely when we are arguing in 2017 about whether the LGBTI community should be allowed to get married. People will make movies about that in 20 years time and it will feel as mortifying as it does when we watch movies about segregation in the United States.


As for spending $122million on a postal vote when it could be spent on health care or something Australia actually needs … That wanton waste horrifies me.

Anyways, we had a lovely “big night out”.

Do you like musicals?

Here are a few happy snaps:



Song of the day: Vicki Sue Robinson “Turn the beat around” (the song the Velvet singers performed at the studio)

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  1. I LURVE musicals… just hate the cost… & the fact that for the good ones i have to travel to the big smoke
    Jon English in pirates of penzance & the mikado were some of the best shows iv ever seen (& they came to newy!!)
    Back in the day tim & i were in maitland gilbert & sullivan – i was too shy to be on stage & was the assistant stage director, but tim scrubbed up alrite singing & dancing in 2 pairs of white stockings with his knee length pants (1 pair just looked like mohair stockings… lol). Theres something u didnt know… lol

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