Given up

I got a bit of a shock when I saw these words on fellow blogger Pinky Poinker’s site yesterday:

I’ve given up my personal Facebook page for Lent after the disgraceful post I accidentally put on my dear friend, Alana’s Facebook feed.

It was the least I could do. I just don’t trust FB anymore.

Facebook is the new Satan.

Sooooo, to cut a long story short about what happened in case you’re not up to speed: I’d posted a cute puppy video on my personal page and Pinky accidentally put one of those snarky memes in the comment section that said something about wanting to change her name to “Nobody” so it would look like “Nobody likes this” on Facebook.

I briefly thought “harsh … isn’t Pinky a dog lover?” The next morning, my sister became outraged on my behalf (she’s very protective, bless her), Pinky realised her error and I thought nothing more of it.

And now poor Pinky has given up her personal Facebook page for Lent … though admittedly she hasn’t gone entirely cold turkey because she’s still posting on her professional page … so I shouldn’t feel too guilty about her social media isolation.

Speaking of her professional page … it also gave me a bit of a shock because its latest post looks like this …

It’s not what you think. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this comment …

What IS it with people commenting without clicking on the link first? Although Pinky’s reply made me laugh out loud in bed yesterday morning.

Always good to start the day with a smile. I’d been feeling a bit bleak prior because I STILL had a headache 24 hours after it started. Blah, hate that.

It’s gone now, thank gawd. A lovely coffee from my favourite cafe – and drugs – chased it away mid-morning.

As for what the Cock Collar blog post is ACTUALLY about, click here – I promise it won’t freak you out.

Song of the day: Rick Astley “Never gonna give you up”

6 thoughts on “Given up

  1. Um, I actually thought the “Nobody likes this” was funny, but I can see how that backfired. It’s one of those “works verbally” things. Poor Pinky. And yeah, people who comment without reading – really gets my goat.

    • I will never understand how people can think they KNOW what an article is about just from the headline and feel licensed to inform the world of their misguided opinion. It’s bizarre.

  2. Pinky and I had a chat about the LENT thing. I reckon if you are gonna give up something for Lent then it would be easier to give up that spikey collar thing, although I recognise that sacrifices for Lent are not meant to be easy. I am glad you saw the tech glitch cos she was very sad crying miserable face about her oops.

  3. Oh my God! You’ve forgiven me! Thank you dearest Alana. Of course you know I would NEVER write a snarky comment to you. Stupid FB. As for Marky. He usually does read my posts. He must have been in a rush that day. You’d love him. He’s very funny.

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