Sexy time with the other DD


Waaaaay back in the ’90s, when I was the production editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, I was obsessed with another DD … David Duchovny.

My office was plastered with pictures of The X-Files star and I was just a little bit crazed about him.

So I shouldn’t be so surprised when the editor of Woman’s Day called me one day and said she’d had a tip-off that I was the Aussie fan who’d been sending David sexually explicit jigsaw puzzles.

And it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.


All these years later, I still think David Duchovny is rather delicious and I’m stoked about a new series of The X-Files premiering this month in the US. (Even though it’s getting bad reviews – Variety reports that “there’s a feeling that everyone is just going through the motions.”)


And I am VERY envious of my former colleague and TV Week editor Emma Nolan who went to the premiere of the new series yesterday and got the above happy snap. Damn you, Emma!
I always thought this Rolling Stone cover featuring David and Gillian in bed together was super hot.

So I got indecently excited watching a spoof created by Jimmy Kimmel of the pair getting it on yesterday.

Here’s the clip …



Are you an X-Files fan?


Song of the day: Bree Sharp “David Duchovny”



PS I wrote a blog post back in May 2014 called Living in Hope detailing why I enjoyed the last season of David Duchovny’s Californication, despite it being really crass and frequently stupid.

I explained: “I blame it on DD, the sexy, erudite, witty beast. Please let there be single 50-year-old men like him lurking around in the real world.”

Voila, five months later, there WAS one in my life! And I unwittingly gave him the nickname DD on the blog.

Cue The X-Files spooky theme music …


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