Beauty and the beast

I had – as my gorgeous workmate Rebel would describe it – a luffly time last night

I went for my first beach swim of the season. Well, I can’t actually swim, so it was more of a flail. But it was so peaceful and pretty in the surf.

(When I sent my eldest daughter a message on Instagram telling her about my plans she cautioned me to “be safe” … she’s such a first born.)

Afterwards, I sipped rose and shared a burger with DD at a bar overlooking the beautiful waves.

On our way home, we dropped by Clareville Beach to check out the moon. It looked fab, but was very hard to capture through a lens.

I took lots of happy snaps anyway, then gave DD a kiss goodnight and drove back to my place feeling very zen.

That was the “beauty” part of the blog. And now to the “beast” bit.

My dear blogger mate Pinky Poinker has started a petition to get softfall installed outside nightclubs and pubs.

Pinky is mum to five children between the ages of 19 and 26 and worries about their safety every Friday and Saturday night after all the recent coward’s punch tragedies. According to Pinky “It seems that it’s not usually the punch that kills the victim but the impact on the footpath resulting from the coward punch.”

She has written a powerful post explaining her stance, which notes:

“Can you imagine if every night club in your area was mandated to put up a mere ten metre square of Soft Fall, how much it would actually cover? Gosh, they have it in aged care facilities, childcare centres and golf clubs for the patron’s protection; surely swaying, drunken idiots warrant some protection? It may even reduce their insurance premiums.

“It just seems like a sensible all round safeguard to me to have Soft Fall in places where crowds of people are drunk, off their faces, unco-ordinated and severely lacking in balancing skills and often very unreasonable and fudging ANGRY.”

I really admire her drive to make a difference. Go Pinky!

Sign her petition by clicking here.

Song of the day: Rod Stewart “Georgie”




5 thoughts on “Beauty and the beast

  1. Cyclist in NSW are required to wear bike helmets. This is to protect their head from injury were they to have an accident. I love Pinky Poinker’s idea, but a more certain protection would be compulsory wearing of helmets after 11pm for all persons within 100m of a licensed establishment. This puts the burden on the person, not the establishment.

    • I’ve been flogged to death in the press by readers who are accusing me of wanting to bubble-wrap society. There is no bubble-wrapping. It’s about protecting the innocent who are out for a good time, not to be killed or receive a brain injury. The One Punch Can Kill website states that 70% of these assaults occur in or very near the licensed establishments. 12% of these assaults result in death. We can only guess what happens to the other 88%.

      Some people have also commented about the cost. Soft Fall is made from recycled tyres and costs $150 a square metre. That means a ten metre footpath would cost a mere $1500 for the nightclub/pub. I paid that to put a pool fence around my pool so that the neighbour’s grandchildren don’t drown in my pool. Pubs and clubs continue to serve intoxicated people and they should be interested in their patron’s safety. Personally, I’m not interested in what these establishments have to say. I’m more interested to hear what emergency room doctors, nurses and paramedics think.

      I’ve been called stupid and an idiot and ridiculed over this by people who are jumping in a default manner and not thinking properly about the issue.

      Clearly education is important. But it’s a long term solution that hasn’t kicked in yet. We need a short term solution. If you want to call it a bandaid solution it doesn’t matter. A seatbelt and airbags are bandaid solutions to speeding and drunk drivers. Safe driver education has been around for decades. It doesn’t prevent people from being killed though. The bandaid solutions do.

      Anyway Alana, as usual you have supported me. Thank you so much. I’m sorry to get on a rant but it’s beginning to consume me.

      Please everyone. Sign the petition and make a difference. It takes a couple of clicks and unless you leave a comment or share it on FB or Twitter your name shouldn’t appear publicly. I’ll get a private email letting me know you’ve supported me.

      Thanks again Alana, you little legend.

  2. I’m totally with Pinky on this. I have sons and one in particular was a big nightclub attendee. I have spent way too many nights worrying myself to bits about him or what others might do to him. And then one night he accidentally bumped someone on the dance floor and that someone took offence to being bumped into. My son ended up being the victim of assault. Black eye, contusions but luckily nothing more – which could have happened if a friend hadn’t dragged him away as he was laying on the ground unconscious having some guy kick him. It’s scary out there and if soft fall stops parents from having to bury their child well sign me up.

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