Self-indulge me …

I’ve fallen truly, madly, deeply (vale the wonderful Alan Rickman) in love with Instagram. I like the way you can crop and filter the shots and create little artworks that you send out into the ether.

It’s bulk fun.

I know some people think filters are cheating, but photographers have always been manipulating images, it’s just these days they do it on the computer rather than a darkroom.

Like my blog, my photographic efforts have improved with time. In the early days I was a little hodge-podge.

Speaking of the blog, I might miss a few days here and there over the coming weeks.

I’m spending some holiday time with the kids and there are days I won’t have a chance to post anything. Tomorrow, for example, I’ll be having a lazy one.

But you can usually find me on Instagram if you miss me!

Here are my 20 favourite shots from my account. I hope you like them …

Have a gorgeous weekend!


6 thoughts on “Self-indulge me …

  1. There are two problems I have with Instagram. The first is that I take terrible photos and the second is that I keep forgetting it exists. I spend far too much time on Twitter I’m afraid. I think we all have our favourite social media tools. That being said, I will go on Instagram later and like all your gorgeous photographs!

  2. love your apple tree and if you love filters check out camera + its a freebie! and you have reminded me i have a couple of photos to put up on insta

  3. There are some great shots here.

    I’m a fan of Instagram too. That’s where I get a lot of cake decorating ideas from. And where I’m dabbling in marketing for my new business. Although I do think it’s strange when your business rivals like your photos. Surely as rivals they’re supposed to hate everything about you.

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