All alone in the big city


DD has gone to Tokyo on business, so it’s just me and the fur babies this week.

I took him to the airport last night – we nibbled on (surprisingly) delicious meatballs and sipped (surprisingly) cheap chardy at Macha, an offshoot of that old-school restaurant Machiavelli.

After a cuddle at the express pass entrance he was off.


The kids are still off having a ball in Tasmania with their dad.


I’m huddled in my fluffy leopard-print dressing gown (SUCH weird weather) in front of my computer, tapping away at my work in the silence.

I was VERY put out when I heard DD had to go overseas.

But, but, all our kids are away!!

So DD suggested I come with him and work from Tokyo – how cool would that have been?

Just one problem: no flights available.


I’m dying to go to Japan. I’ve only been once, on a Chinese New Year tour when I was living in Singapore many, many moons ago.

The guide did the whole tour bus spiel in Cantonese and Mandarin. Every meal stop was at a Chinese restaurant. And the highlight of the itinerary was visiting Disneyland. My ex was very mournful and begged the tour guide to drop us off in Tokyo on the way to Disneyland, but the driver refused. Rules, you know.

I thought Tokyo Disneyland was quite fun, all those Japanese girls in teetering heels and Mickey Mouse ears, but my ex hated it.

He wanted culture.

I must admit, a little of that would have been quite nice too, as would have been eating some actual Japanese food.

So returning to the city with DD would be bulk fun.

Maybe next time.

What’s your favourite city to visit? 

Song of the day: Bryan Ferry “Tokyo Joe”





One thought on “All alone in the big city

  1. I’ve never been to Japan … I studied about it at uni and school the history of the country is just amazing but I think today’s Japan is something else! I often wonder what a Samurai would make of Tokyo today

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