As good as it gets

I am not an athletic person. Sure, I go to the gym, but that’s a late-in-life development and I stick to stuff that doesn’t require much co-ordination.

When I was in primary school, teachers made fun of how hopeless I was at sport. They’d do impressions of me flailing about to make my classmates laugh. I can’t think that helped the situation.

But in my new spirit of gameness, I went bike riding with DD yesterday. We cycled a circuit of Narrabeen Lake. Narrabeen Lake is gorgeous. DD was very impressed with how stoic I was – he expected me to complain a lot.

I pedaled around quite competently and didn’t fall off the bike once, despite having relatively little experience on two-wheeled modes of transport.

About 20 minutes into the ride, the rain came tumbling down. Even that didn’t bother me. Though I felt sorry for a lovely couple getting married beside the lake. Bummer.

Afterwards, we meandered to a cafe for lunch and gasped at the rain bucketting down, then we popped over to his place to dry my sopping clothes.

The sun came out as I was driving home again.

A few hours later DD trekked down to my place so we could enjoy our Christmas pressie from my sister and her hubby – dinner for two and a fancy new place in Kings Cross called The Butler. It’s where one of my favourite restaurants used to be – Mezzaluna. Many a gorgeous night was spent there, looking out at the spectacular view of the city and the occasional rat skittering across the balcony railing.

The Butler was very cool, though we were the oldest people there by about 20 years. It serves French-Caribbean food such as spiced ribs with green papaya salad, which DD pronounced the best he’s ever had.

Mrs Woog wrote a blog post yesterday called “What if this is as good as it gets?” She’d just seen the Jack Nicholson movie and noted: “The look on the faces of the patients in the shrink’s waiting room when he turns to them and says “What if this is as good as it gets?” is just fucking priceless.”

She asked her readers “do you ever ever stop, look around, and think to yourself…

“What if this is as good as it gets?”

I used to think that a lot … as my marriage flailed about like me on the basketball court in primary school. Then I resigned to myself to my fate and told myself to be grateful.

I don’t think like that any more. Most days are the most amazing gift. And yesterday was another special one.

Thank you to my sister and her hubby and DD for making it so wonderful.

Though it’s beyond me why someone hasn’t invented more comfortable bike seats yet – I have bruises in VERY intimate areas.

Oh, and as I’m a photo-taking fanatic these days, I’ve included some happy snaps …

Were you the last person to be picked for sporting teams at school (like me)?

Song of the day: Crowded House “Four seasons in one day”






10 thoughts on “As good as it gets

  1. I’m so mad at your school teachers. I thought teachers were there to encourage and inspire – not shame and humiliate. Of course that would put you off any future sporting activity.

    • Well, I’ve never forgotten it, but I think I’ve managed to move past the mental scars. Mind you, it all came flooding back when I went to a friend’s 40th at a bowling alley and bowled every single ball into the gutter.

  2. Beautiful post. And ducklings! And yes, I was most definitely the last person to be picked for sporting teams at school. I dreaded PE. Shocking that your teachers behaved like that – I’m sure mine were stifling eye-rolls, head shakes and sighs whenever I was around.

  3. Lovely day by the sounds of it. I am with Char school teachers should never do that, but then I had a maths teacher in the early 80’s who told me that I was stupid and would never amount to anything – he thought reverse psychology would work on a stubborn teenage girl – little did he know that I was determined to prove him right (at least when it came to my maths marks!) I really wanted to track him down after I graduated with a double degree including a B.Ed to ask him now that I was a teacher like him did that mean he was stupid as well?

    Just a cheeky question for you why do you call DD, DD? I just can’t for the life of me think of the abbreviation this might be …

    Hope you are having a good day today xoxo

      • That is funny I am fairly certain if he had an issue with it you would know about it and you would respect that and not do it. Well for the record I have no idea who he is!

  4. I remember when it was Butlers in it’s first incarnation. Went there once in my early 20s (when I was young and hip and lived in the Cross and Potts Point – much to my parents’ disgust). It was hideously expensive and I felt like the youngest person by 20 years!
    IU too was hideously unco (got picked as the goalie in Hockey or WD in Netball), and not particularly artistic – I once got caned for a painting I did of Liddell Power Station (or maybe I was the lip I gave after he criticised it). How I made it through school relatively unscathed I don’t know. Oh that’s right – i completely stuffed my HSC due to outside distractions.

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