My week: on with the show

Happy Easter everyone!!!! Hope you’re having a good one.

I forgot about daylight savings and slept in until the grand – new – time of 6am. The dogs went berserk – they were busting because they refused to get their poor widdle feet in the gouting rain last night.


The youngest is cuddling her new Beanie Baby bunny on the couch and watching tellie. I said she could have chocolate eggs for brekkie if she fancied, but she turned me down. She said she’d wait for her sister, who should surface sometime before lunch.

Yesterday, we made our annual trek to the Royal Easter Show yesterday. Despite the pouring rain and my ex getting a parking ticket (ooops) a fun day was had by all.

We didn’t go on a single ride, not a cent was put through sideshow alley and the kids were restricted to one showbag each.

photo 1 (8)

Instead, the show was about the pavilions: marvelling at the sheep and the chooks and the alpacas; feeding the roaming goats and lambs in the farmyard exhibit; watching as baby chicks hatched from their eggs; gawping at the Hungarian pullis in the dog judging arena; watching a wood-chopping heat; grinding wheat into flour and making pasta in the fresh produce area; being awed by the 700kg plus pumpkin …

photo 4 (4)

It was soggy but bulk fun.

photo 3 (6)

The kids and I didn’t get the chips on sticks we’d been yearning for … we decided to huddle in a restaurant to escape from the rain instead … but I did get a Scooby dog thingy for morning tea that I spotted … even though my ex initially vetoed it.

In a lightbulb moment, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t have to obey ex-vetoes any more. If I wanted a Scooby dog thingy (a sausage, cheese and seeded mustard wrapped in pastry) I could have one. So I did, and fed mouthfuls of it to the kids under his disapproving eye.

I’ve had better junk food, but it was … interesting … and contraband, which always adds flavour.

After five hours of fun, the youngest was finally allowed into the showbag pavillion where – after much careful consideration – she chose the Idiot showbag and journeyed home like this …

photo 5 (2)

While the eldest, chose an Adventure Time one, after negotiating for a $5 Jake soft toy as an addition (the showbag didn’t include one and the eldest, despite being my height and looking like she’s 16 MUST have a soft toy in her showbags).

And the ex bought me a Super Food Ideas showbag.

Ah, it’s a funny old separation we have, but it’s worth letting the anger go – the kids are so zen about their new lives. Knock on wood.

We were journeying home by 2pm so the youngest could go to skipping training, which is amping up because the State finals aren’t far off … and it was generally agreed that aside from the bloody parking ticket (we’d somehow thought you paid at the end of your stay, but were supposed to get a ticket from the machine and put in on our dashboard. Ooops.)

Meanwhile, here’s how the rest of the week went down …

At HouseGoesHome …

photo 3 (5)

>> On Monday I blogged photos from my sister’s secret wedding.

>> On Tuesday I exchanged war stories with a fellow blogger over chorizo quesadillas.

>> On Wednesday I worried about why so many people in their mid-40s … including too many of my friends … are getting divorced.

>> On Thursday my car broke down and denied me grilled scallops and riesling at a lovely bar.

>> On Friday I revealed the appalling depths of my Diet Coke addiction.


>> And on Saturday I blogged recipes for tomato & pesto tarts, taco dip, taco salad, guacamole and banana & nutella muffins.

At Kidspot …

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>> The baby onesie that will break your heart >>

How’s your Easter going?

Song of the day: Paloma Faith “Smoke & mirrors”

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