Third time unlucky


Ever felt jinxed? You know how I was saying … ohhhhh, just a couple of days ago … that DD asked my mum if my life was always this eventful?

He sounded a little “you’re kidding me” when I called last night to tell him my latest misadventure.

You see, I’ve been hanging to try the “sea and land” share board at The Mill in Avalon.

But every time I go there, something stands between me and the menu. First, the kitchen wasn’t serving share boards because the chef was singing that night. Yes, singing. Not the most fiscally viable idea, but hey, good luck to him/them.

Second time I turned up it was a Sunday and share boards were off the menu then too. So I skulled a grudging glass of wine while I waited for Thai takeaway from next door.

Finally, last night was supposed to be THE night.

Except, when I pulled up to get some petrol, the car wouldn’t start afterwards.


So I called DD and the NRMA and we ended up sitting at the pizza place next door drinking riesling and eating Italian sausage pizza as we waited for a nice bloke called James to clean my battery connections.

The pizza was pretty damn good, so it wasn’t a total blow-out of an evening. But it was NOT what I had planned. At all.

Fortunately it was only the (less than 12-months-old) battery that was playing up. I was convinced the computer had very expensively died and I was going to have to beg my ex for 20 grand to buy a new car.

That would NOT have been a fun outcome.

Instead I just had to drive my car around for 45 minutes to recharge the battery. Hurrah.

And I STILL haven’t tried that luscious looking “land and sea” board.

It better be bloody good when I finally get my hands on it.

Song of the day: Kylie Minogue “I should be so lucky”


3 thoughts on “Third time unlucky

  1. It looks sooooo bloody good! I can understand you’d be OBSESSED with it by now. Here’s to try number 4 🙂

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