My week: getting messy and blissing out

I was soooo much fun to be around last week. Mirena hell combined with PMT hell and collided with moving house stress. It turned me into an emotional rollercoaster extraordinaire … until Friday.

I was a bliss bunny on Friday. I decided to pretend for a few hours that I didn’t need to pack and went for a haircut, then had lunch with the divine DD at a groovy Vietnamese place called Mama’s Buoi . We had the wagyu beef with green mango salad (below) and the vermicelli salad with lemongrass pork and spring rolls. Yum, yum, yum. Bulk fun day. Bulk. Fun.


Kev the Removalist would FREAK if he knew I’d been slacking off, so let’s just keep it as our little secret.

I also ignored Kev’s calls yesterday as I was walking into the cinema to see The Hobbit. I swear I’d been working my butt off up until that point. But it was sooooo hot and muggy in Sydney and soooo cool in the cinema. (My giddy aunt that movie is violent.)

But let me rewind to unhappier times …

>> I got bleak about my many failings on Monday with a blog called “I’m not proud of myself” sparked by, of all things, watching Harry Potter.

>> Reality gave me a hard shake on Tuesday when an old mate landed in intensive care after a stroke, in Worrying Less and Laughing More.

>> I won some Mortein products on Wednesday and thrilled the kids when they watched my name being pulled out of Pinky Poinker‘s champagne bucket on youtube in Winning … And Human Cockroaches.

>> And on Thursday I was Shamed By Kev The Removalist (and possibly chatted up by him … there may also have been a kiss on the lips)

>> On Friday it felt wrong to blog about anything but Charlie Hedbo, so I wrote Celebrities Mourn Charlie Victims … and mused on the uneasy relationship stars have with the press.

>> And on Saturday I blogged about how the editor who commissioned me to go on a cruise to Hawaii made me pay … in a blog called Now Here’s  Crazy Story.

Meanwhile, over at


>> The secret behind Lea Michele’s sexy bikini bod on her recent Mexican getaway will make you green with envy. Or maybe just green …


>> Click here to check out the world’s best swim-up bars


>> Is this the happiest country on earth?


>> Christie Brinkley’s mother-daughter beach holiday will have you marvelling – she’s 60! Click here to see her happy snaps. 


>> Fan outrage: Elvis’ private planes for sale.


>> Emerald Princess to cruise to Australia in 2016 – details here.


>> This story went TOTALLY OFF – my biggest ever at … Brazilian flight attendants are required to do something pretty extreme before they start work. If they don’t, they’re out of a job. The details on what it is are here. 


>> Check out Sadie Frost’s girly Goa getaway here.


>> The guy crazy enough to roast marshmallows in a pair of thongs beside a volcano is here.

>> Finally, the 10 most misspelled destinations of 2014. Lost for words …

How was your week? 

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran “I’m a mess”


2 thoughts on “My week: getting messy and blissing out

  1. I love your weekend roundups. They’re always so entertaining. Swim up bars… mmmm…I liked the grotto one the best. They have a nice one at Long Island in the Whitsundays where I’ve spent a fair amount of time getting all wrinkly and shrivelled whilst slurping cocktails.

    • I love the idea of getting all wrinkly and shrivelled whilst slurping cocktails … but that might just be me avoiding the fact I shouldn’t be sitting at a computer faffing … I should be PACKING … eeeek, removalists arrive in an hour …

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