Winning … and human cockroaches

Pinky in her pool

Pinky in her pool

It’s kind of fitting that I once described myself as a human cockroach and I’ve now won a package of Mortein products courtesy of my beloved Pinky Poinker.

(Mind you, Pinky – bless her – DID comment on said blog that “You’re not a cockroach! You’re a Phoenix!”)

Back to the draw … It was totally transparent … no favouritism. I watched Pinky draw my name out … last … from the champagne bucket while lounging in her pool with a chardy.

OK, I’m starting to sound a bit Twin Peaks.

Let me rewind.

I was mentioned in a tweet by Pinky Poinker on Monday and congratulated in a subsequent tweet by another awesome blogger bud, Lee-Anne at Is It Just Me?

I got pathetically excited about being the subject of a handful of tweets, but I was stuck in a bizarre part of civilised Sydney that has VERY bad internet access, something to do with a poorly placed hill … so I was unable to watch the video that accompanied the initial tweet.

Yesterday an old mate even emailed to congratulate me on my win …

And last night I returned home to my own dodgy internet connection (which my ex informs me will be severed from tomorrow in preparation for my move … he still sorts the internet out for me … yes, yes, I know, I know, I KNOW).

So I finally got the chance to watch the video and Pinky did this cool thing where the last name left in the champagne bucket was the winner … and it was MEEEEEEEE.

The kids were very impressed that my name was read out on youTube.

I’m still not entirely sure what I’ve won, but I’m sure Mortein products will be very handy in my new abode.

The blokes finished polishing the new abode’s floors yesterday, so my current neighbour Tony (who I got to quote on the sanding job without realising he was my neighbour … small world syndrome strikes yet again) wants me to hop skip over there this morning to approve the work because apparently the blokes expect to be paid by the end of the week.

Is that normal? I’m not sure it’s normal.

But Tony expressed this desire rather forcefully and, during our last meeting, told a rather scary story about grabbing our mutual neighbour by the throat and threatening him with violence if the bloke’s wife didn’t stop hissing at Tony … something about Tony dobbing them into the council (mind you the neighbours over the back fence are quite unique in my posh-ish part of the woods, their ramshackle place is overrun with a Noah’s ark of animals and vegetables … apparently they even had sheep at one stage) and so I’m thinking I’ll hop skip like I’ve been told …

Anyways … have you ever won anything? What was it? 

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a winner”

Ooooooh yeah, this is SO playing at my ’70s party.





8 thoughts on “Winning … and human cockroaches

  1. My mum won an automatic washing machine when I was four. Raffle at the shopping centre. Quite the major prize

  2. As is my custom I tuned in to House Goes Home for part of my morning reading and whose annoying dial blasted me in the chops but mine! Hahaha, On reflection I really had some nerve putting my 50+ self out there on Youtube. I honestly thought the water would hide everything. I forgot water is transparent. Duh.
    I’ve never won anything in my life except maybe a meat tray which was a bit useless for a pescatarian. Congratulations and good luck with the sanders Alana!

  3. Heheheh, well done you and HUZZAH to Pinky Poinker for her starring role!!
    Could’ve used some of those Mortein products in Lorn and Newie recently…literally the biggest, blackest cockroaches I’ve seen for a long time! 🙂
    One of these days I’m going to win a new car, a million dollars, a flat screen TV and a new iPhone…at least that’s what they keep telling me on Facebook!

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