My week: a dog ate my Christmas presents

I was in such a good mood last night … until I came home and discovered the dog had unwrapped the Christmas presents under the tree and gnawed on them.

Christmas wrapping paper confetti EVERYWHERE.

Farking dog.

Deep breaths.

Tread carefully with your guffaws, as the incident has been banned from the funny list until I have replacement gifts in my hot little hands. Snapfish … please let your “express” service live up to its name.

Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, doesn’t he?


But noooooo.

This is what happens when you get a “revenge” dog to spite your husband. (Forgive me if you’ve heard this rant before.) Your husband leaves and  you are stuck with the “revenge” dog and he eats your Christmas presents and you have to pay $210 for him to enjoy the “Platinium Package” at the local boarding kennel for three days next week, which includes “all-day play” and a free bath but is still freaking highway robbery.

So the only person I got revenge on was myself.


Here’s what else happened on HouseGoesHome this week …


>> I added lots of fun new pics to my Christmas 2014: Celebrity Style gallery.

>> I felt like Having A Personal Day on Monday.

>> And felt pretty freaking bad when, a few hours later the terrible, terrible Lindt Cafe siege occurred. So I suggested people Give Me A Hard Slap should I deign to whinge again for a very long time.

>>  I blogged about meeting up with an old friend and her surprise at how far I’d come since the last time she saw me, just after my husband left in February, in a post called I Grew Strong.

>> I recalled meeting the real Santa in Believing … And Bursting Bubbles.

>> And marvelled at how a from-the-archives post called A Funny Thing Happened When I Talked About Sex became my highest-ever-stats-in-a-day blog in a follow-up called The Triceratops Takes Top Position.

Over at …

safe_image (2)

>> 19 Bucket-List Cruise Experiences … From nibbling caviar in the sea, to watching roaming Shakespeare performances and drinking cocktails in ice bars …

>> The world’s best trams – where to ride them.

safe_image (3)

>> A “hamburger” … with fried chicken fillets instead of a bun. It’s just one of the scary creations available from fast food chains around the world. Click here to see 18 more >>

>> The plane that lets you sleep in the cockpit … click here to take a tour >>


>> Fancy a last-minute luxury villa in Bali for the school holidays? The one above has four bedrooms and is just $US360 a night! Click here for details >>

safe_image (4)

>> You won’t believe the animals that attacked Aussie tourists in 2014 … have you ever fallen victim to one of these?

How was your week?

Song of the day: Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

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