Having a personal day

The problem with having a personal day at HouseGoesHome is that people think I’m dead if I don’t blog every morning, regular as clockwork.

But it’s one of those rare moments when I don’t have much to say.

Yesterday was a lovely blur of sunshine and burgers by the beach, Christmas shopping, drinks with new friends, dinner at a delicious little Vietnamese place … sooooooo many nice things.

kinetic sand

Well, to be honest, the Christmas shopping wasn’t very nice. It was hot and exhausting. Kinetic sand weighs a freaking ton. It’s startlingly expensive too. What evil genius dreamed that stuff up? And why does my eight-year-old want it so badly?

Suddenly $100 for this guy (for the 11-year-old) doesn’t seem so crazy …


But even my mum said it was nuts when I ran it past her. And she’s the ultimate enabler.

If the eldest asked Santa for the enormous bloody thing does that mean it has to materialise on Christmas morning? And how the hell will I get it home on the bus?

I have entered a festive alterna-world. There is no sanity or rescuing me.

Yep, I need a personal day.

Catch you tomorrow … hopefully I’ll have seen sense by then.

Song of the day: Tears for Fears “Mad World”




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